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Member Since 15 Jul 2012
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Topics I've Started

Bad Constipation Help

24 January 2013 - 07:53 AM

Seeking some advice. Been constipated off and on for 2 months. First tried the usual, prunes, figs, gluten-free granola, prune juice, etc. Didn't help. Then I tried Citrucel... not a cure but at least I was going. Finally just wanted to be cleaned out and did an enema. But after that constipated again. I went to my doctor and he said Miralax. I swear it made it worse. Now not going at all for the past 4 days. My friend who is nurse suggested Ducolax stool softner. I took yesterday and nothing. What else should I do? I work out and eat gluten-free oatmeal everyday. I also eat fruit and salad for lunch. I don't eat a lot of cheese. This has never happened before. Any suggestions? I am contemplating another enema.

Glucola For Diabetes Fasting Test - Alternative?

22 October 2012 - 06:17 AM

Hi all,

Wondering if anyone who has soy allergy has done any alternative to drinking glucola for glucose tolerance test. I refused it when I was pregnant because it contains brominated vegetable oil which contains soy. I have an analphylaxis reaction with soy, so that is out of the question. It appears that no doctors are aware/educated on this because when I questioned my doc, she claimed there was no soy in the drink. I read online about eating jelly beans but I'm not sure the lab would approve of that. Any information would be appreciated.


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