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Member Since 17 Jul 2012
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In Topic: New To Celiac

29 July 2012 - 11:29 AM

I'm a 17 year old girl and I was told about two weeks ago I have celiac and have to live gluten free if I want the pains I get to stop. The problem is my family is Italian and my fav food is pasta and seeing all my fav foods that I can't eat is killing me inside and it's really messed with my emotions and I haven't really been happy since I've had to be gluten free and I don't know what to do to get out of this upsetting state. I guess I just really need someone to talk to about it because my boyfriend thinks he understands cuz his dad has celiac but it's not the same and it's just been hard trying to ajust and I would really just like someone to talk. Thanks.

I completely understand what you are going through. The first few months are extremely hard, but your taste buds do get used to eating gluten free foods. Gluten free pasta is amazing and has helped me get through this a TON. It tastes almost exactly the same as regular pasta (my family can't even tell the difference). You can find it in most major grocery stores in the pasta section (I use Walmart/Publix). Also, something else you can look into is seeing if there is an actual gluten free section in the grocery store. My Walmart does in the chip/snacky area. They have granola bar-like things, sweet mixes (brownies are my personal fave), other pastas, cereals (Chex cereal is amazing), and other nice things to have. I hope this helps! It just takes some time to adjust to this new life style but it is well worth it!
P.S. - I have been gluten free now for around 5 months

In Topic: What Is The Severity Of Your Reaction To Gluten?

17 July 2012 - 05:04 PM

Hi:) I'm new to this site as well as to being gluten intolerant. I am 18 years old (nearing 19 now) and had been complaining for many years about aches, an always upset stomach, and incredible headaches. We thought at first that I was lactose intolerant because I noticed my stomach beginning to hurt immediately after breakfast (I would eat cereal or grits almost every morning) and we thought the dairy was causing the problem. It was in fact my favorite cereal (Frosted MiniWheats). Now that I have been gluten free for around 4 months now, I have noticed that my symptoms are more severe when I do slip up. I become extremely dizzy and my head starts hurting almost immediately. Stomach issues usually take 2-3 days to get rid of. Does anyone know why my symptoms would be getting worse? Is it just because my body isn't used to the gluten anymore..?

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