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How To Get People To Understand...

17 July 2012 - 05:29 PM

Hi:) My name is Lexi, I'm 18 and I have been gluten free for 4 months now. I knew at first it would be really difficult to live this lifestyle successfully (due to the fact that gluten was a HUGE part of my diet and my entire family is fine and therefore it would still be in the house obviously), but it really hasn't gotten any easier.

I have actually done a great job of staying away from gluten. I think I've only cheated once or twice and then swore I never would do it again because the side effects suck. My symptoms seem to be getting worse though when I do get "contaminated." Does anyone know why that is? My family doesn't understand how gluten affects me and expects me to be fine within an hour... my symptoms can last weeks.

Also... the main point of this post is to ask those who have figured this whole thing out, how they got their family members and friends on board? My family constantly forgets that I can't eat a lot of things. My mom will cook my favorite meals and I just stare at them so unbelievably hungry, but knowing that I can't/shouldn't touch it. And then we'll go to some Italian restaurant... self explanatory. I can have a salad... maybe soup... or not eat. Also, my mom continues to encourage me to eat salads when we go out for my meal. I don't think she understands that salads really don't fill anybody up. I'll be hungry again in like 15 minutes! I AM CONSTANTLY HUNGRY. So how do I get them to understand what I'm going through and to be supportive in this change I am trying so hard to make? Please help! All advice will be appreciated:)

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