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Member Since 19 Jul 2012
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In Topic: Could Celiac Disease Be Causing My Other Health Issues?

20 July 2012 - 10:25 PM

1) When did you start you gluten free life? did you see any improvement at that time?
I began eating gluten free almost immediately after being diagnosed in 2009. I relapsed back to gluten during my 3rd year in college but then started back up on it after a few months. My mom says she saw improvements especially in my bathroom usage but I dont feel dramatically better ever. I feel like there are slight improvements but I expected to feel much better in a few months as my doctor informed me I most likely would.

2) Do you presently live in a mixed household?
Yes I live with my mo who does not eat fully gluten free all the time.

3) Who does your food prep? and are they cognizant of what you require?
My mom and I do our food prep and she also mostly eats gluten free. We are very careful about cross contamination.

4) Have you checked all your personal care items and meds/supplements?
I have checked the medications and some cosmetics. I am still working on my shower items to see if they contain any gluten.

5) Totally unconected to celiac, are depressed r/t lack of employment?
It definetly could be related. I also think that being so illl has made me stay home more and not do the things I enjoy. I only hang out with a few friends because I feel anxious. Not sure why but I just don't want to see anyone.

In Topic: Could Celiac Disease Be Causing My Other Health Issues?

20 July 2012 - 10:12 PM

I do not think there is any cross contamination at my house. My mom eats mostly gluten free too. She does have some gluten items but we are sure to have our own butter and condiments and everything so we eliminate a lot of the possibiltities.

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