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Member Since 24 Jul 2012
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In Topic: Losing Hope...

08 February 2013 - 07:24 AM

So many things going on in my head after reading the newest posts.
GI doctor doesn't think a second SIBO test is warranted at this time. I did respond to the antibiotic treatment for it.
I can't tolerate melatonin, but the tryptophan info. is something I will look into.
I haven't done a strict elimination diet. I eliminated gluten, soy and lactose but I still eat peanuts, corn-based products, beans, rice, etc.
GI has questions about me having Chrohns but hasn't done anything to test me for it. When I read about it, I don't really fit the description. I think I have big-time food intolerances. I saw an allergist yesterday and will undergo a series of tests in a month. He did blood work yesterday but that never seems to yield any info.

I don't understand why I am so bloated/gassy and really uncomfortable every time I eat and it gets worse in the evening/night. If it's irritable bowel I don't know how to treat that. I tried a fiber supplement and it made me sick.
It's amazing that you, GottaSki" were able to determine what foods made you experience different emotions. I feel like I eat almost nothing every day and I feel less and less hungry, yet still get symptomatic. I guess I really need to commit to a strict elimination diet as well as a food journal.
Some here may relate - I am sole provider and caretaker for my disabled 20 year old daughter and work full time. Finding time for "me" - to take care of me - just seems impossible.
Janpell - It's time - I have to commit to the elimination diet and food journal. I do weigh myself morning and night. Difference of 2lbs at night (higher).
Interesting note: my latest CT still shows generalized inflammation throughout GI track. No one knows why. I'm going to guess and say it's possible food allergies that have really upset my immune system as well as caused chronic inflammation.

In Topic: Losing Hope...

16 January 2013 - 08:41 AM

Thanks. Going to request another SIBO. Colonoscopy repeat is due to size of polyps found in August. It is hard to figure out food intolerance which is a bit frustrating. I have terrible allergies but need to look even closer at what I'm eating - may be even more to cut out. I can look at corn- based foods to see if I am reacting to any and also see if my anxiety levels follow a pattern with what I am eating. I haven't kept a food log because I pretty much eat exactly the same thing all the time but there are subtle changes that I will now look more closely at. Will also ask to have iron checked. All good info - thanks so much!

In Topic: Losing Hope...

14 January 2013 - 04:41 PM

I remain gluten, soy and lactose free. Never going back! Having issues with increased anxiety and not sleeping well but I suppose this could just be life. Still, it feels different.

In Topic: Losing Hope...

14 January 2013 - 04:39 PM

I'm scheduled for next colonoscopy in February. First one in August was so awful, as many may remember. Spent 4 hours in recovery room sick as a dog - severely dehydrated. Not looking forward to this next one. I began to feel better after the xyflaxin ended but still struggle with my gut. I'm seeing an allergist in February too and will have all the Ig tests, among others. I have huge allergies so maybe this testing will yield more helpful info.

In Topic: Losing Hope...

18 November 2012 - 05:35 PM

Thanks for suggestion of eliminating corn and trying nettle tea. I have remained gluten, soy and dairy free since June 25th. I don't eat corn in general, but it could be in some other foods. I've always found corn hard to digest.
Done with Xiflaxin and actually, finally, feeling a little better. I am taking Align probiotics. I use Digest Gold as digestive aid (discovered it here) but I'm going to talk with GI about pancreatic enzyme. Can you tell me what GMO stands for?
Still have bloating and often have pain after eating. I think GI is going to send me to an allergy/immunologist to look at my Ig levels and see what foods I may be allergic to - maybe this can cause pain?
Will have another colonoscopy in February but will be done in-patient this time. What a nightmare in August. At least I finally have a really good GI doc.

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