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In Topic: Could Rice Be A Problem? Anyone With Neuro Symptoms From Rice?

21 November 2013 - 09:57 AM


I didn't grind it myself...I stayed away from it completely until the past month.  It was bobs red mill.  I just remember even on the diet, I was having more severe neuro symptoms...they were bad the past few days, along with the stomach issues...It may be a huge coincidence...but it's very suspicious to me.  when i was so sick a few years back...I pretty much existed on rice....

I don't even think I want to play around with it at this point.  

I have eliminated it at least until I see the nutritionist on Monday.  I feel ok today.  Not great, but not too bad.....

The possitive things that came out of the fasano have now seemed to have disappeared slowly.  I'm up more at night once more...

I'm dying to see what they find when they redo the endoscopy in Jan...  

My dad brought up an interesting point.  Once upon a time, wheat was a staple in my diet, then when that was gone, rice became a staple...

I stay away from anything that says oat....gluten-free or not.  I react badly to gluten-free oats....sick as a dog and a total personality change...whooooaaaa...bad news

In Topic: Could Rice Be A Problem? Anyone With Neuro Symptoms From Rice?

21 November 2013 - 08:12 AM

colleen, I have been tested for so many AIs.  Nothing has come up possitive...I actually had a Rhuemy tell me that my high ANA meant nothing.  That it was a phenomenon.  I am a 640.....it has dropped to 320 but has gone back up and never goes below.  I don't believe that it means nothing.  If I was healthy and it was high, I could see that....but there is something going on in the connective tissues.  I also apparently have a history of MGUS, which I was not aware of.  My IGM was high, though it had gone down a bit, and the hematologist said i was clear of lymphoma and multiple myeloma...but apparently this is premyeloma?  I saw that on my file...I had no idea.  

Then one dr said, just wait, nothing has come out in the blood yet.  So when do we wait until we can't wait anymore?  

This is why at this point I'm looking at the other foods.  Gluten exposures for me are killer, they last 5 weeks and I am on the couch in severe pain bone, neuro symtoms galore.   The gastro symptoms subside after a few days.  

So if gluten does this to me, there has to be an off chance that another food/grain could react as well?

For me, it may just be wishful thinking.  I know the dr.s all think it's psychosomatic or a conversion disorder.  But let  me tell you, if I wasn't so sick, I'd be having the time of my life right now.   I have so many plans of things I want to do, now my kids are a little older.  If this body wouldn't keep holding me back...it would be all good.  argh!!!

In Topic: Could Rice Be A Problem? Anyone With Neuro Symptoms From Rice?

21 November 2013 - 07:08 AM


I ate the rice cakes almost two years ago when I was severely ill.  I haven't touched them since then.  

On the Fasano I ate only 100% natural foods, fruits and vegtables.  Nothing with a wrapper, nothing touched by man.   

The one thing that increased was rice...it became the main staple.  The rice was plain and prepared in the rice cooker with olive oil and salt,

the other thing that was increased were eggs.  I ate eggs for breakfast everyday.  I followed the fasano 100% without cheating.  Dr. Fasano himself actually allowed an occasional glass of organic red wine...when i asked, he considered it to be 100% fruit juice.  

Some things got better on the fasano.  Some things got worse.  I almost feel like I am taking big steps backwards, joint pain is coming back as well.  I'm scared to death to return to where I was.  

I see Melinda Dennis, my nutritionist on Monday.  I'm hoping she can shed some light.  I have been afraid of loosing things for good, but at this point I will do anything to feel better.  I of course questioned nightshades and salycitics as well.  

When I started charting , I all of a sudden started to put things back together....and this past week, I had added more rice products (rice flour, rice pasta, actually a piece of gluten-free banana bread, with a rice based flour.  And i felt awful.  Last week was decent, but I didn't have any rice at all.   Like I said, I just started putting the pieces together.   And rice seems to be the common factor.

After the fasano, I stayed away from most packaged foods,  I felt better without...though on occasion, maybe once a month I would eat gluten free pasta, but rarely.  I found that when I would have a bite of something I baked, I felt sick.  So I stay away from it as much as possible.  I bake gluten-free treats for my children with celiacs as well.  I don't give them packaged gluten-free foods.  I make the bread when I can etc.  Or else there is no bread.  But I rather my food with lettuce anyways.  But when I bake I inhale the rice flour etc b/c it is so fine and airborne.  
Im hoping the nutritionist will take all that i say and have that AHA moment and know exactly what is going on.   It would make sence that  my body is at war still and is now attacking other things.  My ANA is still extremely high as well.   

I just want to be able to function.  To actually feel like a human.  To act and feel 40, not 80.  I want to enjoy life not watch it slip by me.

I have looked at the whole 30, and the autoimmune protocol.  I am sure some version of this is headed my way.  Funny, I was always afraid of that.   Now, bring it on....but don't take my pistachios away :o ....ok, you can take those too....just please someone figure this out! 

In Topic: Got My New Red Apple Lipsticks In The Mail Today!

14 November 2013 - 07:49 AM

I am obsessed with their lipsticks.  they always look so good!  the hibiscus grew on me.....it's dramatic

In Topic: Nuts Dot Com Is My New Favorite Website

14 November 2013 - 07:48 AM

I love nuts.com  They are so prompt!  I order and it seems like I turn around and it's there!

mmmm pistachios!  And they have gluten free almond paste for holiday baking.... can never find that anywhere...last year I had to make it myself

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