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Could Rice Be A Problem? Anyone With Neuro Symptoms From Rice?

19 November 2013 - 06:57 AM

I have been trying to put all the pieces together since my diagnosis 1.5 yrs ago.  I have been having lingering neuro symptoms that no one can figure out.  I have been checked for seizures, all other autoimmunes etc...and of course, my file at the hospital needs it's own zip code.  I know there is something else wrong....could it still be the damage from the celiac? Of course, but in my gut (no pun intended) I believe it is more.   

I have been logging lately, and it came to me this morning.  OMG, could it be RICE?

I am extremely sensitive to gluten exposure.  I react insanely to gluten-free oats. The celiac doc put me on the Fasano diet.  I did well, and there was some improvement with sleeping through the night.  Neuro symptoms were still present, and to me, seemed worse.   My brain would have a fluttering sensation at times, extreme dizziness/ lightheadedness, weakness to name a few symptoms (bone pain, back pain, arm pain etc) odd episodes where I could barely walk or speak from weakness.  My psoriasis has been very angry lately

What did I rely heavily on during the Fasano? RICE.  The week I was away at the cottage, what did I eat for almost 2 meals a day? RICE.  That was probably my worst week.

The past few days, the dizziness has returned...I had chicken coated in a heavy brown rice flour mix, and made banana bread from a rice flour blend (which I generally don't eat).  

However, I cannot really find a link with rice and neuro issues.  So maybe I am just grasping at straws here.  But it seems to be a big coincidence.  

Also, when I was extremely ill before my dx, I could barely eat or keep food in.  My neuro symptoms were off the charts then.  I lived on rice cakes......sometimes twice a day....


Severe Weakness/ Fatigue Episodes, Dizziness, Brain Fluttering Sensation, Etc...

02 November 2013 - 01:39 PM

I have been gluten free since Feb 2012.  Many of my symptoms have subsided, but there are some alarming ones that have maintained and persisted.  To the extent I had gone back to the dr. b/c I believed them to be something separate from the celiac disease.  Now I'm not sure.  The dr.s have no clue and I believe they are ready to send me for a psych consult.  The neurologist alluded to a conversion disorder...psychosomatic etc.....I know that is not it.  My celiac dr had put me on the Fasano diet, b/c I am so sensitive to gluten, and the 3 accidental exposures I have had have laid me out for 5 weeks at a time.  I have been doing better since the Fasano diet, but these things have stood out glaringly.

I have persisting dizziness and lightheadedness.  Fatigue is severe.  I wake up fine, and do as much as I can before I am a waste case for the rest of the day.  That is between 6-9 am... and then I am exhausted for the rest of the day.  If I rest, I can get a little energy back and it is gone quickly

I feel like a cell phone that can't hold a charge.  I have episodes when I am walking, I start to slow down, balance is off...weakness takes over, I can barely walk, or hold a conversation.  My face goes grey, my eyes are sunken.  I need assistance getting into a chair.  It takes a few hours before this passes.  I feel like I am trapped in my body.  Sometimes this comes with a sensation of a shivering or fluttering sensation in my brain.  It is very concerning. However, the neurologist has never heard of this before.  (thankfuly my celiac doc told me yesterday that he has had patients with the same fluttering....No other dr!)  When these episodes pass, they leave me exhausted for hours to days.   

Please can someone advise if they have had some of the same symptoms?  

My ANA is high, 640   My ttg is around 29.  I live in 100% gluten free house.  Including all of my beauty products.  


Homemade Chicken Broth Making Me Sick?

16 January 2013 - 04:49 AM

I am severely sensitive to gluten. A glutening can debilitate me for @5 weeks.
My dietician in the celiac clinic has me drinking bone broth throughout the day to promote healing. I make big pots of it and drink it like tea.
From the beginning of the chicken broth, i have felt weird. A little sick to my stomach, bloated and just weird. To the point where I force myself to drink it.
Is there a possibility there is something injjected into chicken parts? I used a whole chicken and 6lbs of wings. I think the chicken was natural....but not the wings.. Which I have eaten before, not in broth, but never had a problem.
Any idea?

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