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Ed in Baja

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In Topic: Can You Physically Feel Gluten Damage?

02 May 2014 - 06:57 AM

Hey y'all!


LONG time reader, first time poster.


I feel almost silly asking this, but can you physically feel gluten damaging your body if you have celiac disease?  I have been a diagnosed celiac for 4+ years at age 17, and while at first I was TOO rebellious (as in I didn't give a dang and ate whatever I wanted because "you can't stop me!"), I have since grown out of that awful mindset.  However, long story short, I got BIG TIME glutened last night at work.  As in, straight up shovelling wheat-based pasta into my body.  While I'm obviously not going to feel well, I almost can feel like there are holes being chewed in my body when I get glutened.  Is that just me?  I'm not actually feeling the damage, am I?  This has been a curiosity of mine for years because that is exactly what it feels like.


Thanks guys!  This forum has been a valuable resource for me for years now, and hopefully will continue for years to come!

When I visted my chinese doctor once for nuero muscular problems after a similar episode( we all rebel sometimes consciously or not) he said"why you do that?". So, why you do that? might be useful to explore that for yourself. And yes, i feel bad when i do that, and can feel my muscles responding poorly, and I feel clumsy, and guilty. Hang in there,and learn.

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