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Ed in Baja

Member Since 02 Aug 2012
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#854769 First Post :) Gluten Associated Neurological Symptoms

Posted by on 19 February 2013 - 07:01 AM

Hope you are feeling better! My symptoms were mostly nuerological as well. In retrospect I did have some GI upset...thought it was the green chili suace! ( I live in baja, Mx.)But not classic celiac disease GI problems.

Brain fog almost gone after six months. Just in the morning now. Nueromuscular problems better ...75% or so. It IS discouraging that they persist to some degree. I went all the way to cerebellar ataxia...could hardly walk. Thought that I had MS. So I am much better now and have accepted that it takes a long time to recover . I was a windsurfer, and have to leave it. but I can sail in my 25' sloop in light winds. It is a matter of accepting what you CAN do!

Remember that what is called celiac disease is long standing condition, tissue changes due to the inflammatory effects of the auto immune response. Mine was undiagnosed for 15 years... I have Type 1 diabetes also, and symptoms were attributed to that. It is clear that there are huge ranges in sensitivity and types of reactions. Hence cross allergies(e.g. milk for some) and variations in severity. Sadly, It is increasingly clear to me that many gluten-free products are not, and restaurants are very dangerous to me . Oil seems to transfer allergens even if breading, etc is gluten-free...maybe even cutting boards? I get a nuerological slam when I eat out now...I seem to be getting more sensitive.

Fortunately I like to cook, and my wife likes gluten-free food. We focus on a natural diet, as in no processed food.

Tortillas, beans, rice, fruit, fish and a little meat kept people healthy for thousands of years. gluten-free cake, cookies, mixes are Frankenstein foods to me, edible food like substances, not food. They are miracles of chemistry...but who knows what those chemicals do to you in the long run? Why trust the  food science industry that got me into trouble in the first place? I can't take the chance.

Good luck!


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