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In Topic: Grand Rapids, Mi Area Doc?

09 August 2012 - 03:00 PM

You are so welcome! I too, had many dx's before going gluten-free, IBS being one of them,gallbladder removed,& so on.. It's enough to drive a person crazy hearing doctors say over & over its all in your head but I living proof say keep on fighting.....Years ago I was given the death sentence of ALS, I thank God everyday for this not being the case... Been gluten-free ever since & most issues are long gone but still have weak days now & then.. BUt I'm talking, walking & remaining very healthy.......

You too will get through all the issues & the clueless doctors...

Maybe we can meet next year in Grand Rapids! I /we had a great time at the vendor fair & the group is so nice... I love Nancy....

Wow, how scary to be told you may have ALS!! Thank goodness that is not the case--Celiac is treatable and I'm very grateful for that also. A good friend of mine made it to the gluten-free fair this past May (I was too sick to go at the time) and really enjoyed it, so I want to go next year and would like to meet up with you if you are there also. I do feel very fortunate that there is so much available that is gluten free. I'm going to contact Nancy and appreciate the advice...

In Topic: Grand Rapids, Mi Area Doc?

05 August 2012 - 06:21 PM

I don't have a name of a doctor but I do know that there is a great group from the Anchor Baptist Church, the total church is gluten-free & they put on a great gluten-free vendor fair yearly.. Sorry, its over this year... But call the church & ask to have Nancy call you , she can maybe give you a heads up...I think her last name is Speers...I don't have the church address but it is in Grand Rapids area....the vendor fair was held at the Deltaplex...
I sure they can supply a doctors name ....

Thank you again!!! This is really helpful. My GI doc hasn't been helpful and said that I may have IBS on top of celiac. I've heard the IBS diagnosis for the last 10 years and my symptoms have continued to get worse. I don't feel that he is taking me seriously. So it's time to move on.
Best of luck to you :)!

In Topic: Dealing With Flare Ups

04 August 2012 - 09:07 PM

Thanks for your advice. Greatly appreciated. I do take Ultimate Flora Critical Care probiotic. Is there a specific enzyme supplement that anyone has had success with?

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