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Member Since 03 Aug 2012
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Topics I've Started

Grand Rapids, Mi Area Doc?

04 August 2012 - 09:55 PM

Hi, I was diagnosed with celiac by a GI doc 8 months ago after having biopsies done during an endoscopy. I have been gluten free since but am not noticing improvement in the amount of stomach and muscle/bone pains I have. I am also getting flare ups, every 3-4 weeks, that keep me in bed for a few days at a time with worse symptoms. So I'm really motivated to want to feel better! Does anyone have a doc in this area that has helped them recover?? Thanks much for your help.

Dealing With Flare Ups

03 August 2012 - 06:43 PM

Hi, I am new to this site but have already found several threads that were very helpful. I was diagnosed with celiac disease 8 months ago and have been gluten free since. I have had moderate to severe stomach problems for many years and have possibly had this since I was a teen. I have been dairy free for most of this time and also went to a food allergist to find out if there were additional foods I should be avoiding. Just about every food I normally eat came up positive. I eliminated all of them and then introduced them gradually. But I do not feel any better than since before I went gluten free. I get extremely bad stomach pains, diarrhea and constipation, intense muscle pains, fatigue, etc. Also, I normally get flare ups, that's what I call it when my symptoms get much worse and I can hardly get out of bed, at least once a month. Wondering if anyone else is going through this and if they have found relief?

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