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In Topic: Could Going Gluten Free Help Me? (Add)

07 September 2012 - 09:59 AM

Hi everyone, this is my first post here. My husband and I just started a gluten free trial 3 days ago in the hopes that it will help our problems. My husband has been having bad digestive problems and pain in his abdominal area for probably about a year now. He has seen many doctors but none found a satisfying solution to his problems. He had an endoscopy done that revealed a little damage and an ulcer, but omeprazole hasn't worked to make him feel better.

As for me, I found out a few months ago I most probably have ADD. I am very forgetful, unmotivated, procrastinate a lot, etc. etc. I was reading about going gluten free sometimes helping people with ADD and am very hopeful this will work. I also ha be several other possible symptoms of gluten intolerance. My teeth are very, very bad, cavity prone, weak enamel, several root canals and pulled teeth, and I'm only 26. As a teen I used to get very sharp pains in my leg bones, and I occasionally get them now too. I have bad acne, a geographic tongue, and a few other scattered seemingly unrelated symptoms that have been associated with gluten intolerance.

Does it sound possible my husband and/or I could benefit from a gluten free diet? We could have gotten tested I guess but we just lost our insurance so we thought going gluten free for a few months would be the cheapest way to find out if it works for us.

Yes, go gluten free! I had such a huge range of symptoms, and I'm only gluten intolerant . OCD, anxiety, rls, depression, brain fog, exhausted, couldn't concentrate, depersonalization, aches, other food intolerances . The list goes on and on, gluten is horrible if your body doesn't want it. I started feeling better weeks after going off of gluten. The first few days I felt really sick, and dizzy, but it went away after a few days. Good luck to you, you'll see how much it was worth doing :)

In Topic: Need Help From Those With Experience, Blood Test?

05 September 2012 - 09:45 AM

What blood tests did he do? Just curious.

and...yes, as TH says, if your antibodies are high, you've got a gluten problem.

Ok so I asked, and my Ige was no number, but my Igg had a number -.- is that even a celiac test, I thought Iga was celiac test? Man im so bummmed, my allergist is NO help !!! someone help:(

In Topic: Need Help From Those With Experience, Blood Test?

04 September 2012 - 11:25 AM

If you have antibodies, my understanding is that this is Celiac Disease; gluten intolerance doesn't involve the antibodies. Not as I understand it, anyway. I believe it is an entirely different physiological reaction than Celiac Disease.

Gluten contamination might be the explanation for the still high numbers, in that case, or if you were severely damaged and had extremely high antibodies, they might not have dropped enough yet. I think the former is more likely, though.

Thank you so much, thats what I thought :( the answer to 6 years of problems I think has been discovered, YAY:D I've been dealing with so many problems for so long, and not knowing the answer to what was causing all of it. I think I do now :)

In Topic: What Is Wrong With Me ? :/

18 August 2012 - 03:52 PM

My opinion is you got a huge hit of gluten eating pumpkin seeds in the shell. Do you have the package? Can you find the label? What brand? Let's google them. Never assume something is gluten free. I was so surprised to learn that most pumpkin seeds in the shell are covered with wheat and salt, but it is true. I've never seen any that aren't. But I haven't looked in 2 years...I just gave them up.

You are probably going to be sick from the gluten for a while, but you know what? It is a learning process. In the beginning I made a lot of mistakes. It just happens. Do your best to read all labels now, and take good care of yourself. :)

sorry for the late reply mam, i wasnt trying to be rude:p no more pumpkin seeds for me:( <3 btw, the package said handled in a facility that handles wheat:(<3

In Topic: Was This An Allergic Reaction To Gluten?

18 August 2012 - 03:50 PM

If you ingested gluten from the shampoo or body wash, even a little bit accidentally, then yes, it could cause a reaction. Plus, you might not be over your reaction from the glutening by the pumpkin seeds just a couple of days ago...it can take a while for the reaction to gluten to subside. Having said that, throat swelling and difficulty breathing are signs of a serious allergic reaction. If you didn't have difficulty breathing, it might just be a gluten reaction as I have seen people report sore throat from gluten contamination, even though it might not be common.

thank you so much eatmeat4good :P i appreciate your help SO MUCH FRIEND<3:)

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