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Member Since 12 Aug 2012
Offline Last Active Jan 21 2014 04:53 PM

Topics I've Started

Celiac And Arthritis?

02 July 2013 - 09:32 AM

I have been on a gluten free diet for just over a year now. However I have been experiencing joint pain in my neck, back and hips and feet. Over time it has been getting progressively worse. Last week my right knee swelled up and it was to painful to walk and caused me to miss work. This prompted me to go see a doctor even though I have very little faith in them. Fortunately this doctor really seemed genuine and wanted to help. He had me go in for several blood tests. Today I heard back about my rheumatoid test and that was negative (thank god). I was told that my imflammation was very high though. He gave me a prescibtion for Meloxicam which is a generic form of Mobic. I really hate using drugs. Is this drug safe? I really prefer natural sources of medicine. I haven't had any of my typical celiac symptoms and am unsure as to the cause of the arthritis type pain. I was hoping someone could offer some possible solutions or information.

Constant "ribcage" Pain

23 November 2012 - 08:12 PM

I have had unrelenting "ribcage" pain for months and during that time I have not been able to sneeze or take deep breaths. There is too much pain that any attempt to sneeze or take a deep breath is immediately halted. I have pain in both the front and back of my ribcage. Nothing seems to get better despite dietary and physical activity changes. I have stopped going to the doctors due to their incompentence/ignorance and lack of empathy. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions please reply. Thanks.

Inflammation Or Something Else?

07 October 2012 - 10:20 PM

For about 4-5 months now I have been experiencing pain in my sternum. I also notice a bump in the middle of my sternum close to the top end. If I press on the bump it is tender. Stretching my chest in certain directions will make it hurt worse. Sneezing and deep breaths are almost impossible as they cause considerable pain in my sternum. I am not sure if this is simply inflammation or something else that needs to be checked out. I really need some input and local doctors here are very ignorant.

New And Looking For Input.

12 August 2012 - 08:03 PM

Hi all, I have been visiting this forum for months and finally decided to join. First off I am self diagnosed. After discussing my issues with a number of people (my chiropractor and celiac friends) I was told to try going gluten free. I had almost immediate improvements. Here is my story;
Almost a decade ago I started having acid reflux symptoms. When the reflux continued to get worse I sought medical help. I was immediately prescribed acid reducers. Medication provided almost no relief. I continued visiting doctors over the years and none were willing to help beyond giving me reflux medication. I have tried almost every reflux medication there is and none helped me. As the years progressed my symptoms got worse and worse. When I had finally gotten to a point were I was "regurgitating" almost everything I ate, frequent shortness of breath, dizziness, muscle and joint pain I gave up. I was severly depressed, contemplating suicide and out of work. When some concerned friends with celiac asked what my symptoms where they insisted I avoid gluten for a while and see how I felt. Within days of going gluten free I had vast improvements. My reflux all but disappeared, my muscle and joint pain dissipated. I started feeling happier and more alert. I did this for several months until I started feeling tired all the time. I setup a visit with a gastroenterologist. The doctor wanted me to go back on gluten before issuing me the test. I tried it for 3 days before having to quit. I suffered more intense and immediate symptoms so I decided it wasn't worth it. I still experience general tiredness but have improved that with B12 supplements. I have been managing my condition fairly well for the last few months but now I am experiencing considerable weakness. I have a physical job and find myself sore and weak constantly. I'm not sure what to do to regain my strength. I try to get a healthy amount of protein, I take vitamins and probiotics. I haven't been able to get my strength back. Any ideas?

here are the symptoms I have when I eat gluten:
vomiting, muscle and joint pain, brain fog, chills, flu symptoms, non-localized pain (mostly my left side) with arm twitching, sore jaw (painful chewing), trouble speaking clearly, and a scary "feeling like I'm dying" sensation (probably all in my head)

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