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Cooking Class

05 March 2014 - 04:11 PM

My daughter will be starting high school next year (it starts in grade 8 here - she's 13).  She very much wants to take cooking class.  I do know that they cook/bake in groups.


So I'm wondering:  if she's working with regular flour I'm assuming breathing it in would be the same as eating it?  And I'm looking for opinions about what concessions/changes you all think are reasonable to ask for.  It's an iffy situation - my daughter doesn't like to be singled out and I don't want to tell her she can't take a class that she's really interested in.......

Glutened My Daughter

18 February 2014 - 08:16 AM

So, after two years of being very vigilant, I foolishly gave my 13 year old daughter daughter a couple of bites of my broccoli with cheese sauce (packaged veggies).  Ingredients clearly say wheat flour :(.   She didn't seem to suffer any symptoms, but I'm wondering how badly that will affect her.  Two years of being very careful and her numbers are still really high.  Anybody have any ideas?  I'm feeling really badly about the whole thing.


01 August 2013 - 04:19 PM

Well I finally had my sixteen year son tested (his sister was diagnosed last June).  Been worried.  He's six foot, four - size eighteen feet!! - and pretty attached to his burger and pizza habit.  Came back negative.  Relieved.  Sixteen year olds are rather "difficult" I'm discovering. :)

Doc Appt.

28 May 2013 - 04:26 PM

So, it's been just under a year since my twelve year old daughter was diagnosed.  Overall doing very well.  Eating disorder has faded to the background (meds doing their job), been completely gluten free.  She has gained 30 lbs (she was 42lbs, completely emaciated), grown three inches in height.  She is small, but looks healthy and is doing well.  Bloodwork came back today.  Low vitamin D and iron - not unexpected.  Not sure how celiac is measured other places, but here they told me that the number should be less than 20.  She came in at 153.  I'm staggered.  Completely gluten free - no chance of cross contamination in the home, and I check all products, including medications and vitamins.   She is completely on board - her OCD comes in handy in this case - she's vigilant.  I don't get it.  11 months??!!  I'm concerned and stumped - I can't figure out how it's happening.  We don't eat out - she takes her own food everywhere, has her own toaster, cutting board etc., costmetics, toothpaste etc., all gluten free.  Any ideas?

Daughter's Dad Not On Board

18 April 2013 - 07:19 AM

So my daughter is twelve.  Diagnosed by biopsy close to a year ago.  Was hospitalized, failure to thrive, she stopped eating, very scary.  Her dad, who I am no longer with, was unsupportive through it all - surprised me - he was always a pretty good father.  Said we were overreacting, didn't want biopsy, etc.  Now that she's firmly diagnosed he doesn't believe me on the separate toaster etc. thing.  Looks at me like I'm crazy, and says it can't possibly make a difference.  We do have gluten in our home for two other family members, but she has all of her own things and she's great about it - has fully accepted this and she and I both eat gluten free.


Long story short, my daughter and his relationship is damaged - she no longer wants to go to his place because it's stressful for her - at most she'll go bowling or something with him for an hour or two.  On the one hand I'm annoyed because it's entirely his own fault, on the other I feel badly for my daughter.  His girlfriend has called me a couple times and seems more receptive, but it takes two.  Anyone else encounter this kind of thing?