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Member Since 22 Aug 2012
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In Topic: Still Finding It Hard

03 September 2012 - 08:27 PM

You mentioned having quinoa. That could be the problem ... perhaps it wasn't rinsed well enough? Quinoa has a natural resin coating it that protects the grain from critters. The resin can cause stomach problems if it wasn't rinsed off well.

Thanks! The quinoa salad was from the deli of a local health food store. I actually did figure out what the culprit was. Believe it or not, it was my vitamin tablets. I keep a log of everything that I put in my mouth, and I was able to backtrack my stomach aches to my supposedly "everything-free-vegan" vitamins. So, I am going to switch to a different brand that I have used in the past.

In Topic: Pf Chang's

02 September 2012 - 02:25 AM

Had a great experience at PF Changs! The server made a rather comical error though. The gluten-free menu stated that the entrees came with brown or white steamed rice, or you could sub gluten-free fried rice instead for a dollar more. We went for the sub, or so we thought. The server didn't know the gluten-free menu very well (I am hoping his mistake was not intentional anyway) instead of giving us the add on, he ordered us full orders of gluten-free fried rice. We had food covering every surface of the table!! LOL It was delish and we took home the extra, but next time, I will point to the add-on item on the menu.

By contrast, we went to Red Lobster and ordered all of the "safe" items. My dinner glutened me (hence I am up at 5AM on a Sunday). The only difference between my dinner and my gluten-free husband's dinner: a baked potato with butter and sour cream. I have no idea what or how, but I am paying the price for it.

I truly believe that I am going to have to limit my going out to places only like PF Chang's, or my weekends (the times we like to dine out as a family) are going to be painful.

In Topic: Olive Garden

26 August 2012 - 02:53 PM

I went to the Olive Garden and ordered the Pasta Pomodoro. It wasn't great, it wasn't awful. They cooked it properly. It did not make me sick. I'd eat it again if my family wanted to go to Olive Garden. What I really miss here is the Zuppa Toscana.

In Topic: Still Finding It Hard

26 August 2012 - 01:56 PM

I am going to miss my hot tea with cane sugar (two in the morning to get me moving. My only real sweet.) Losing potatoes, cheese and tomatoes is going to be really tough, too. Sigh.

Well... I really just wanted to say...I feel your pain.

I wonder if you could replace the sugar with agave? Not sure, may be ignorance talking here. Thanks, it helps to have people that "know" your pain.

In Topic: Still Finding It Hard

26 August 2012 - 01:52 PM

Thanks everyone, yes I am feeling better! I am not sure yet on the dairy, but I am going to keep vigilant in figuring it out. My stomach pains eased yesterday to the point that I felt like I could eat again. I have had just a little dairy since then, and things seem ok. I am trying to be really careful about everything, and paying more attention to CC possibilities.

I think that I am going to try almond milk, regardless. It's something that I have always wanted to try, but could never justify the expense. I think it will be a good thing for me. I may try rice milk too. Wonder which of the milk subs taste the most like milk?

This weekend we went to several health food stores (on the other side of town) to see what they had to offer, and try not to pass-out at the prices! I bought a gluten-free flour mix to try my hand at a loaf of bread. So far, my husband has not liked the pre-baked ones we have tried. I am going to seek out a gastroenterologist (sp?) and see if they can give me a diagnosis. Whether I have celiac or not, I am positive that I feel better without gluten!

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