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In Topic: Need School Lunch Ideas

05 February 2013 - 11:40 AM

My son is extremely picky so lunches can be a challenge. I feel like we are constantly repeating and he doesn't get much variety but he seems to be happy with that. We received permission from the school principal to use the microwave so that did allow us to expand the menu, however, he usually prefers not to microwave because it gives him less time to eat. That being said, some of the things he eats are gluten-free cold cuts and cheese, quesadillas (corn tortillas), gluten-free noodles with gluten-free soy sauce, gluten-free homemade pizza, spaghetti and meatballs, meatloaf (one of his faves), stuffed pepper, and homemade chicken tenders. He always gets some type of fruit and veggie and I usually send him with one of the following; jif to go peanut butter cups, yogurt, pudding, gluten-free cookies, m&m's, clif z ropes, etc. We always make sure to pack some type of snack for him as well in case of an emergency like an envirokidz rice bar or a lara bar. Drinks depend on the day, we recently discovered that the chocolate milk at school is gluten free so that is usually his first choice (I think it makes him feel like a normal kid when he gets to buy it at school), he will also take an Izze, bottled water, or gatorade.

In Topic: Back Again - Low Iron, Elevated Sugar, And Uti ?

16 January 2013 - 03:43 PM

Hi everyone,

I haven't been here in a while because things have been going so well for DD7 and myself. We've been gluten-free for 2 years.

Recently, her routine bloodwork showed low iron (5) and slightly elevated sugar (7.2). I was told to put her on an iron supplement (300mg/day) and not worry about diabetes, but that her blood sugar will be checked again in a month.

The other concern is that she has recurrent UTIs (once a month, sometimes back to back/not clearing up). Scans have ruled out valve problems and any other scary concerns.

So, my questions are:

1. Why is her iron low when she has been taking a multivitamin with iron daily for 2 years? She isn't eating as much iron-rich food as I would like her to, but would that drop her iron to 5 even with the multi?

2. Is there a connection between iron and blood sugar?

3. I'm aware of the celiac-diabetes link, but is 7.2 a number to be concerned about?

4. Any thoughts on the UTI situation?

Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.

Is the 7.2 value her Hemoglobin A1C value and do you know if they also performed a fasting blood sugar test? I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with all three of my kids and have pre-diabetes so I am fairly familiar with diabetes. I'm not sure if there is a link between the low iron and blood sugar but I know that I had to take an iron supplement during my pregnancies because my levels were low (it could have just been because I was pregnant and your body needs more iron then). Also I had numerous UTI's during my pregnancies and my OB told me that these were related to the diabetes. Basically my understanding was that when you have high blood sugar, glucose gets into your urine which causes a yeast infection/UTI. Once I got my blood sugars under control I stopped having the UTI's. Have you considered checking random blood sugars with a blood glucose monitor throughout the day? These can be really helpful in establishing a baseline and determining if certain food cause her blood sugar to increase. Hopefully my limited information helps, diabetes really scares me so I try to keep informed about it.

In Topic: Celiac Disease And Growth Hormone Deficiency

06 December 2012 - 10:46 AM

Our daughter, age 9, has been on growth hormone treatment for a year and a half. She had the stimulation test too and her levels (peak) were at 3.8 when normal was 10. She was too underweight to start growth hormone treatment which set us on the GI roller coaster. Our daughter's celiac tests (incomplete blood panel several years ago and biopsy) were negative but we put her on a gluten-free diet in March of this year. She has grown 4-5 inches on the treatment and with the gluten-free diet.

There is a link between growth hormone defeincy and celiac disease. I will try to find the link for you.

We have adjusted to the shots and it is part of the night time routine. We got our daughter a buzzy bee (uses vibration and cold pack) on the injection site and she says they don't really hurt that bad. Given her fear of needles, I was really worried about starting the shots but she is my hero!

Thank you so much for the information. My husband and I are feeling overwhelmed by all of this. We had just gotten used to the idea of celiac, so now we have to adjust to the new diagnosis. I am thankful that we know what is going on, but a little stressed by all of it as well. I will definitely be ordering the buzzy because he absolutely hates shots and works himself into a tizzy just thinking about it! Thanks again!

In Topic: 6 Month Follow-Up After Celiac Diagnosis - Still Poor Growth

08 November 2012 - 07:41 AM

I wanted to let you know that we are in the same boat! My son has been seeing a pediatric endocrinologist due to growth issues since March. My husband and I are not tall, but the concern with my son was that he was no longer following his growth curve. He dropped off the charts after about 4 years of age when he had consistently been in the 15-25 percentile range. At 8.5 years old he is the smallest in his class by far and others constantly mistake him for a 6 year old (which makes me so sad). He was diagnosed with celiac in August via bloodwork and biopsy and we have had him on a strict gluten free diet since then. We had a visit with the endocrinologist just last week and he grew 1/4" in three months so we were disappointed as was his endocrinologist. We do not have a follow up with our pediatric gastroenterologist until February to retest his TTG levels so we are in a holding pattern unsure of what to do.

When he was tested for celiac his endocrinologist also tested for diabetes and also checked his thyroid and growth hormone levels. The test for diabetes and thyroid were normal and the growth hormone levels were normal but on the lower side of normal. The endo now wants to perform a more invasive but more accurate test of his growth hormone levels. My husband and I feel like we are stuck in reverse because we want him to grow but don't know how long it might take if his only issue is celiac. On the other hand, if he has growth hormone deficiency as well we don't want to waste any more time so we decided to schedule the new test.

I feel badly for him because he is only eight and has had more testing and medical issues than I have had in 37 years.

Sorry for the long ramble, but I wanted to let you know that you are not alone. Sometimes I feel that we are alone in this and I just wish my kid would grow like all the other kids without having to jump through hoops!

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