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In Topic: Repercussions Of Cheating! :(

27 November 2012 - 12:33 PM


........ First of all, yes, I was diagnosed in August....but I knew NOTHING about this and it was a HUGE learning process. There is nothing about DENIAL here. I didn't sit there the other night and eat McDonald's because of DENIAL. I didn't toss it off like "oh hell, there is nothing going to happen to me". Quite honestly, I was scared as HELL, in tears during all of my trips to the grocery store. I was off gluten, back on......off again...back on....etc......it didn't mean I ignored it since August. How dare anyone make these assumptions about me!!!

My jest at "said the girl who ate McD's" was in reference to the irony. And when I put "disease" in quotes, it wasn't meant as a "joke". It was due to the fact that I didn't know HOW to classify it. I've read disease..I've read disorder...I've read MANY different things that it's been classified as.

I ate gluten because I had nothing else.

I am on food assistance. I NEVER like to admit that. My husband's bonuses and incentives have gone down the CAN since 2008. He works full time at the same job for 15 years and there you go.......the income dropped as of 2008.

I am hurting with joint pain...10 hours of sleep is not enough...and I have yet to go into a grocery store without tears trying to figure out my own food needs (do I REALLY want to pay $2/pound for grapes?) and make decisions to pick things for my kids to eat or me. It's easy for many of you to just criticize me and tell me how easy it is to eat gluten free when you've done this for way longer than myself and probably on a little more of a budget than myself.

My family isn't gluten-free. I can't replace pots and pans ($$). I can't even find a cheap toaster at this time of year (Christmas) to call my own (yes, some shelves are BARE in their slot).

IT IS WHAT IT IS. It's not excuses. IT IS WHAT IT IS. I am doing the best that I can do with what I have monetarily and what I have knowledge-wise.

But if you read this initial post, you will see that I LEARNED my lesson. And if it means eating Chex cereals for the rest of my life...so be it.

I think it's great that most of you have an easy time with this. I am not.

Where are the "YAY! You "get it"" Posts? Or the "Good for you for realizing the repercussions" posts?

instead, I am met with the critical posts making my experiences about everyone else but me??

So much for support.

What a negative environment WOW.

If a white horse means treating others THIS way, I'd rather do without, thanks. I left high school 22 years ago.

**POOF** Color me out.

In Topic: Repercussions Of Cheating! :(

26 November 2012 - 02:38 PM

LOL! I am not a rustler!!! I am a HUMAN;) With that being said, I don't know the implications of "cheating" at any level (once, twice, once a year, etc)...I would guess it depends upon the individual and their own body.

With that being said, I would probably have to agree that it is a good idea NOT to cheat at all. It is what it is.....it's a disorder....a "disease", so to speak. It is something that is NOT GOOD for your body so why ingest it?? ((said the girl who ate McDonald's the other night...heheheheheee)) :)

In Topic: I Feel Like I Am Going To Die....:(

12 November 2012 - 09:00 PM

I love my rice and potatoes, but my insulin resistance certainly does not. I also have to watch many fruits.

My big joke now : I might as well just go graze in the yard.

How does this work when there is a sugar issue?

Appreciate the support!

In Topic: I Feel Like I Am Going To Die....:(

10 November 2012 - 08:14 PM

I posted something just a bit ago and it doesn't seem to have gone through?? GRRR! Frustrating.

In Topic: I Feel Like I Am Going To Die....:(

10 November 2012 - 08:04 PM

Yes...I have read so much about Celiac disease. I know it included fatigue, but not aware of the AMOUNT of sleep that would fall into this.

Our lifestyle is a bit strange and I know I have to find a way to change it NOW. Because I am exhausted all of the time and my husband works 40 hours a week and tries to make up at home what I can't do, we do quick stuff..be it very simple shake and bake meals, etc.....I don't even know if I could hack following a recipe at this point in time. We are very strapped for cash being a one-income household. My husband's income dropped when the economy started going into the can...he lost many incentives and bonus opportunities.

I was in Whole Foods Thursday (it is an hour away from us...we don't have one where I am) and I was in awe at all fo the options, HOWEVER, there is no way I could spend $5 for a loaf of bread....or 2.50 for a can of soup......$4 for a microwave meal...etc.

The other option for shopping where I am in Meijer. And Meijer as many things, but they are just as expensive.

I puchased these crackers once made by Diamond thinking they have to be good...it's a company that's known! WRONG. They were hard and horrible and they weren't cheap. SO....that is another thing I face: how do I know what is good and what isn't? Very hard to drop the extra money on the unknown:(

My family isn't gluten free. There are no separate toasters.....dishes.....and I will be straight out and honest: I cannot buy new pots and pans and dishes. A $10 toaster I could probably swing...but not pots and pans.

But, perhaps the biggest obstacle is getting the energy to going to the grocery store PERIOD. Even when I do get up, I have no energy to go to do the store. I rarely leave the house unless it is to take the kids to school or pick them up. I don't even do any of my crafts, anymore. I don't see my friends....and it's depressing me.

I'm not looking to make excuses because,
As I said, I've been gluten free for 2 days now..mainly doing "gluten-free" ordering out from restaurants. So far, I've had no major symptoms like I've had (Gut burning, diarrhea, etc). I am just trying to figure out HOW to do this based on the circumstances given. How do I do this when I am sleeping so much and in pain...at least until I can overcome many of these symptoms?

I am downright scared. I truly am. I miss my kids and they are starting to prefer their dad over me (I've noticed the excessive tiredness for over a year and it's gotten worse since September).

I really do appreciate the input. Without it, I'd be lost!

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