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In Topic: Help Please, Soy Allergy And Now Reacting To Foods I Eat Daily

24 May 2013 - 04:30 AM

My DD also has a severe soy allergy, I noticed the same with apples with peels.  We reverted to natural applesauce or peeling the apples (sadly removes a lot of the vitamins) .

I don't have any suggestions though, we are newly navigating the soy allergen issue.

she's still reacting at least twice a week to unknown triggers (soy or something else.)

In Topic: 18M Old - With Genetics Against Her

16 May 2013 - 04:38 AM

Skin testing of suspected allergens was a bust yesterday. Nothing, not even soy showed up positive despite the RAST test and marked improvement since its elimination.


The allergist was apologetic and explained that while she may not have an IgE reaction or response, she obviously is having a gastro response to soy and other stuff.  She agreed that the endoscope is what she would do next to find out truly how damaged her esophagus is from the reflux. 


I dropped off the negative results to the gastro when I left the building yesterday at noon, so I'll call this afternoon to prod them along to see what the plan is.


All I do know, is that since having to be off of zyrtec and allergy meds for the skin testing, she complained about her chest and belly hurting almost daily :(  she stopped her meds last Wednesday and Friday is when things started going downhill with severe diarrhea again and the complaints.


I'm not sure on the EGID front though either....its just the next dx to eliminate.

In Topic: 18M Old - With Genetics Against Her

13 May 2013 - 11:52 AM

I would INSIST they take samples for Celiac testing while they scope.


If we are sedating her at all, I want to address as many things as possible in one swoop.

In Topic: 18M Old - With Genetics Against Her

13 May 2013 - 05:57 AM

Small update....


We met with the gastro on Friday, who is now bringing the scope on the table sooner  than later in response to the allergist's plan.


We have allergy skin testing on Wednesday of this week to determine any other major allergen issues.  I am to call the gastro's office with the findings or to prompt them to obtain the results from the allergist.


she verbally simply said we would likely scope if any other allergens show as positive for an esophagus condition (dumbing it down for me I presume.)


Her handwriten note on the appt notes: "pending ai test (allergy skin test) probable endoscope to evaluate for ee"


So still moving forward, not celiac-based, but the quest to decipher her gastro and reflux problems.

In Topic: 18M Old - With Genetics Against Her

25 April 2013 - 08:20 AM

And I'm fully aware that I'm now more on an allergy quest than a celiac one if necessary, but honestly I haven't found another forum that  is similar enough since her issues are prominently gastro related.  Just being clear that I am fully aware that celiac is not an allergy.


I do know that I have a refluxy,ezcema laden kiddo who vomits regularly and has upset stomach daily who can barely get to the bathroom in time for her foul diarrhea. She will soon hit the embarassment issue at school for her explosive and noisy movements as the toilet is just a sub room within the classroom where everyone (classmates and teachers) can hear what's going on.

I have an irritable, clingy toddler every evening who needs her back patted to help expel the gas.




I am sure that my health deteriorating is due to the stress and focus on hers right now.  But I'll keep chugging along and just vent and whine in here (nobody feel the need to respond! ha, just let me get it out somewhere)


i need a nap.

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