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Gastro Punted To The Allergist... Better Or Worse?

25 March 2013 - 09:49 AM

Just curious if anyone has experienced better effort from an allergist/immunologist than the gastro?


We have been working with the gastro since Sept to identify what my 2yr olds problems are, or the source of her chronic 'functional diarrhea.'


Her IgA was negative, so the gastro is standing firm on not celiac.


I pushed for a RAST allergy testing and now that we identified a soy and peanut allergy, we've moved to an allergist.  She's still under the care of the gastro due to her reflux and bowel issues, but she has become dismissive now that a confirmed food allergy has been found.  We are set to schedule the endoscope after June if the problems continue.


We've eliminated soy, but its only been a couple weeks so its too early for any dramatic improvement.  I believe there is something else as the cause of her chronic issues, so we will likely continue more allergy testing, and I plan to push for the IgG test since the gastro refused.


Basically, did anyone actually get diagnosed from an immunologist rather than a gastro?


18M Old - With Genetics Against Her

27 August 2012 - 09:47 AM

I have hesitated in joining and asking, but I'm starting to second guess myself. I am 80% confident that I am at least 'gluten sensitive' and 50-70% sure that my 18month old is as well, if not a true Celiac.

Her ped finally gave us a referral for a GI to assess her in response to her many issues. Have to wait until Sept 1st to call for the appt. I'm still hopeful that I'm wrong, but don't know if its denial or practical interpretation based on my personal history and issues and hers.

My daughter is 18months old:
-has yet to have a normal bowel movement.
-reflux since birth, controlled w/ prescription Prevacid
-Asthmatic, that is compounded with her reflux, so the ped is nervous in weaning off the Prevacid (she was hospitalized in March in distress)
-eczema (minor)
-lactose intolerant
-possible issues with the soymilk as well (still getting rock hard belly)

The primary reason for the referral is that she does not eat many things. Her diet is meats and carbs. She refuses fruits and veggies, except for applesauce and bananas (rarely)...we assume this is due to the acidity and her reflux. 80% of her diet is crunchy carbs (crackers, goldfish,cereal, etc) and 20% proteins (deli meat, chicken, ground beef, peanut butter). We cannot decipher if its a psychological aversion or a medical reason for her excessive pickiness. The ped wants her to start feeding therapy, but we both want to know what exactly she can and cannot eat before starting therapy.

So I wonder if its me more curious for myself about Celiac or not. Family history is horrid for stomach and gastro stuff. All the women in my family are lactose intolerant, my dad has colitis and polyps, two cousins have Crohn's, and now my neice has come up as Casein allergic. I have IBS and am lactose intolerant and my entire life has been plagued with stomach issues. This summer, March - July, I went low-carb and eliminated 95% of the gluten from my diet and felt AMAZING for the first time that I can ever remember. Knowing how great I felt and how I immediately feel like crap about an hour or two after indulging in gluten, I started researching more for my daughter's sake.

Is it a fair guess to include Celiac as a potential diagnosis?

The ped already mentioned that she's asked the gastro to for the endoscope to assess for damage from the reflux and she agreed that if they are in, they will likely do the samples for possible Celiac.

But I'm curious if they would do any allergen testing first or just go straight to the scope? Obviously if she's confirmed w/ gluten issues she and I would go gluten-free together in the house. I went back on gluten in August to be tested myself, mostly to justify the change in lifestyle for my husband who does not understand the scope of it (he is not a native English speaker and the whole subject of gluten and allergies is lost on him.)

Thanks for any feedback, after a relatively decent weekend with her diet, I have started to wonder if I'm just reading too much into her pickiness.