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Member Since 28 Aug 2012
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Just Starting Out, Afraid Of Cc

28 August 2012 - 01:48 PM

Hi everyone. I'm just starting out on a gluten free diet...this is my husband's and my 3rd day off of it. (I have ADD and many signs of gluten intolerance and my husband has a lot of GI issues that doctors have been unable to find the cause for). We have a 3 year old who does not seem to be gluten intolerant in any way so she's finishing off our glutinous bread and cereals for us and then we won't buy anything else that contains gluten. However, in the meantime, I worry so much about accidental gluten exposure. I really want to give the gluten free diet an honest try, but I keep wondering what's the point if I'm getting glutened from accidental CC from making My daughters cereal or sandwiches or something. I do wash my hands and try to be careful. I guess what I'm wondering is, will minute amounts of it affect whether I improve or not on this diet? like my mother is having us over for dinner in a few days, and I told her about cc and such, but I'm still afraid that eating there will ruin the whole diet. Is a tiny amount of accidental gluten really that bad?

Also, my husband took a bit of convincing to get on this diet. Since we started, he has been completely gluten-free at home, but at work, he'll eat what they have (he works for a food company so they get free lunch) but he'll avoid anything with gluten. However, I need to get it across to him that even if he's eating beans and rice,for example, the cook could have touched breaded chicken and then prepared other plates on the same counter or without washing his or her hands, and that even that amount of gluten might sabotage our hard efforts. I offered to make his lunch everyday but he'd rather take advantage of the free lunch his work provides and thinks he's doing fine. I feel like I'm nagging him with all this....if anyone has some good online articles about how bad even tiny amounts of gluten can be, please post them so I can show them to my husband. Thank you, and I'm so glad I found this forum!! Reading the posts here have helped me immensely. :)

Could Going Gluten Free Help Me? (Add)

28 August 2012 - 01:25 PM

Hi everyone, this is my first post here. My husband and I just started a gluten free trial 3 days ago in the hopes that it will help our problems. My husband has been having bad digestive problems and pain in his abdominal area for probably about a year now. He has seen many doctors but none found a satisfying solution to his problems. He had an endoscopy done that revealed a little damage and an ulcer, but omeprazole hasn't worked to make him feel better.

As for me, I found out a few months ago I most probably have ADD. I am very forgetful, unmotivated, procrastinate a lot, etc. etc. I was reading about going gluten free sometimes helping people with ADD and am very hopeful this will work. I also ha be several other possible symptoms of gluten intolerance. My teeth are very, very bad, cavity prone, weak enamel, several root canals and pulled teeth, and I'm only 26. As a teen I used to get very sharp pains in my leg bones, and I occasionally get them now too. I have bad acne, a geographic tongue, and a few other scattered seemingly unrelated symptoms that have been associated with gluten intolerance.

Does it sound possible my husband and/or I could benefit from a gluten free diet? We could have gotten tested I guess but we just lost our insurance so we thought going gluten free for a few months would be the cheapest way to find out if it works for us.

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