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In Topic: This Itchy Skin Has Got To Stop!

02 May 2014 - 09:25 AM

Thanks all, for the suggestions and the feedback. I had a full allergy panel done last summer, the only things that came up are gluten and almonds. I've since cut out both, (I also have the double gene for celiac).


I will ask my doctor about liver function when I see her at the end of the month, but my gut feeling is that it's not liver-related.


Just to clarify, the itchiness does not occur in the same place twice in a row, or all the time. Last week is was on one of my shins. There was nothing wrong with the skin when it started to itch, but there was by the time I got done with it! I had scratched so much the skin was bright red and I broke a lot of capillaries under the skin.


Two nights ago it was my left thigh, front and back. Actually, three areas there: right above my left knee, on the inside of my left thigh about 3/4 up, and right under where my butt ends and the back of my left thigh begins. The best way I can describe the feeling is like being poked by a needle...from the inside. Just those three spots. The itch didn't spread, but they did take turns hurting.


I spent about an hour alternating putting on Gold Bond Rapid Relief Itch Cream, itching, slapping the itch and finally took a Benedryl. While I was waiting for that to start working, I tried freezing the area with an ice pack. Picture me standing in my kitchen at 2:30 in the morning, holding a big ice pack on the front of my thigh, but it wasn't big enough for all 3 areas, so I had to hold a bag of frozen corn to the back of my thigh!


After about 20 minutes, my skin was numb enough that the itching wasn't hurting and causing my muscles to involuntarily jerk. I was finally able to sleep. That area hasn't itched since.


It's getting to the point I'm afraid to scratch anything below my neck! Sometimes I can scratch something that's tickling and it goes away. Most of the time, I've set off a chain reaction. It's not just a winter thing - it's year round.


After 4 months of being gluten/almond free, if it was either of those causing the itch, don't you think it would have stopped by now? As for the person who asked if it might be yeast related and if I was craving sweets - I'm not sure if it's yeast or not, good question. As for sugar, I'm ALWAYS craving that! ;-)

Hi Tonalyn, Im new here.

I am 38 and was confrimed celiac disease at 34. Interesting to read your post. Over the last few years I have slowly been peicing together certain symtoms. For me personally- If I get trace amounts of gluten I get itchy beyond belief-like make myself bleed itchy. This lasts around three months!! Then as long as I'm careful it will go away completly-not a scratch. If I get a good dose of gluten...we all know the story there. But this is how I know Ive had a small amount and its usaully from an additives etc. Oh and I have had the most terrible nightmares as long as I can remember-They completly dissapear when I'm gluten-free...


Kind regards



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