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In Topic: I Screwed Up

21 March 2014 - 02:00 PM

Thank you for the kind replies!


I don't really tolerate many other meats or vegetables right now, which is why my diet is so limited. It's part of what I was hoping would improve- I'm dying to get sweet potatoes and cauliflower back especially! I also avoid dairy and soy. The only dairy I tolerate is lactose free kefir which I haven't been drinking the last few days because I wasn't sure if the probiotics in it would interfere with the antibiotic. Will a probiotic really do me any good while I'm taking something that kills everything? Won't all the good bacteria just be continually wiped away with the bad?


I don't tolerate garlic but I will look into the mastic gum and caprylic acid, thanks!

In Topic: Getting Desperate

17 September 2013 - 09:42 PM

Upper stomach symptoms for me means extreme bloating and pressure, sometimes nausea, and sometimes cramping. I sometimes bloat out so far that I can't fit into my pants comfortably anymore. It usually feels like throwing food into a balloon that's stretched to capacity, and it often feels like the stomach lining itself is very irritated and sore. Overall I'd say it's very similar to if you ate a meal that was waaaay too big for you and had to sit and ride out the discomfort until it digested fully.

I was tested for H. Pylori during my endoscopy, and it came back negative. I am taking probiotics and digestive enzymes. I don't think anyone has checked for parasites, but I'd have to check my files to be sure. I've tried SCD and food combining.

The reason I have been eating what's listed is because they feel the least harsh on my stomach. Everything else causes more distress, even plain boiled chicken or bland cooked vegetables causes more distress than lunch meat. I will admit that I think when it comes to the chicken, a large part of it is mental. After eating it twice a day every day for 9 months, just the thought of eating it again makes bile rise in my throat. It's like how eating a food that tastes terrible to you can make you feel sick. So that one's on me, I'll try to see if I can find another way to cook it that will make it more tolerable.

I don't think I'm eating a specific food that's causing the stomach symptoms currently because it is every food that does it, it feels like my stomach is inflamed or damaged in some way, and I really think it began with the gluten challenge.

The most hilarious thing to me is that my original stomach complaint that brought me to the gastro initially (lifelong terrible constipation and lower stomach pains that literally felt like knives stabbing into me, which would leave me curled up with a heating pad for hours or days at a time and sent me to the emergency room on more than one occasion) have completely cleared up since going 100% gluten free. It only flares up when I get glutened or eat one of my other intolerances.

I went to see an internist today and she got very exasperated with me and said I had IBS, that "some people's colons just don't work right" and "if no one's fixed you yet after all this time, no one is ever going to cure you" so I'm hovering between depressed/furious right now. She also laughed in my face when I told her I don't eat soy in large part because of my hypothyroidism.

Thank you all for responding to me! It gets so overwhelming sometimes to have to deal with all of this, it's a huge weight off my shoulders to have someone listen and understand.

In Topic: Extreme Depression As A Reaction

27 August 2013 - 12:03 PM

Thank you for the replies!


on another note- i started a thread a while ago on the difference between high oleic sunflower oil, and sunflower oil because i use to react to the high oleic tortilla chips but not the other. not sure why and nobody had any answers!!


were they gluten free chips? did it say so on the packet?  it could be a contamination issue during manufacture.



Could it have been cross contamination rather than a particular ingredient?  I get that way from gluten.  I'm glad we don't have any guns in our house...


They say they're certified gluten free, and their policy says:


"All of our products and processes are inspected, tested and certified gluten free by the Gluten Free Certification Organization. Additionally, suppliers are required to provide negative-allergen documentation to guarantee their ingredients are gluten free. We also verify these results using a third party laboratory."


They seem pretty legit, but I'll definitely email them to be 100%. I also don't think oil is the problem for me, as I eat high oleic safflower oil-based vegenaise by the jarful with no issue.

In Topic: Twin Cities (Mn) Recommendations?

25 August 2013 - 12:18 PM

I go to Between the Bridges In Mankato, Mn.


Thank you so much for your response! Unfortunately, that is outside of my driving range as I don't have a license and the only person available to drive me can generally only take a couple hours of out his day. I will definitely make note of it for future reference though!

In Topic: Glutened Or Gastritis Flare?

08 August 2013 - 02:19 PM

Thank you all for the replies! I agree that it was probably the gluten, although the wine probably didn't help with the stomach pain. I guess I've learned my lesson about slacking now! I'm doing a little better today, the drugs from my wisdom tooth extraction are masking most of the other symptoms, so there's a plus! Weirdly, the glutening actually turned out to be a bit of a life saver for me today, as the stomach discomfort made going without food for 12 hours before the extraction much easier and the brain fog (which, among other things, dulls most of my emotions and make things feel unreal) pretty much killed any pre-surgery jitters I would absolutely have had otherwise and made it all go even faster. And now the painkillers have wiped out my muscle pain, so I guess if I was going to get glutened, now was a pretty good time to do it. Especially seeing as I've got the next few days off from life and solid foods anyhow. Killed two birds with one stone, as it were!


Thanks again!

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