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Member Since 06 Sep 2012
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Celiac, Sex, And Pancreas

08 September 2012 - 07:37 AM

Hello everyone. I would like to ask a couple of specific questions and hopefully with all the knowledge that is floating around this website, I can get some good answers.

1. Can celiac disease and/or gluten intolerance effect your pancreas function? My husband, who refuses to believe glutens could be my problem, has been diagnosed with pancreas problems but they do not know why its happening and are not completely positive its chronic pancreatitis. I have recently found out that my symptoms are amazingly similar to a lot of the celiac symptoms and have recently been tested...waiting for blood results. Could glutens cause his pancreatic problems?

2. I have been having severe symptoms ever since we got married. 6 years ago, all of my severe symptoms started rearing their ugly heads. No doctor has been able to find out why I am sick so much, and have never mentioned glutens as a culprit. I made them test me this time, since I stumbled upon the gluten blogs, websites etc. So, my question is....
could my husband eating glutens and having sex with me cause a reaction in me? I have read several times on this site about checking your pets food for glutens because they lick you and can affect you. So, can having sex with my husband, with his gluten infused fluid, cause me to react? I have never seen anything posted about this on this site, but was just curious as to the effect it would have on me, since early in our marriage I was wondering if I was ALLERGIC TO MY HUSBAND....any thoughts on these questions would be helpful!~! Thanks!

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