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In Topic: Should I Go To The Doctor To Be Tested (Please Help Me)

08 September 2012 - 03:35 AM

Yes you should be tested but you need to be eating a regular gluten diet. If you are already gluten light or gluten free your tests will be a false negative.

Well I have not gone completely gluten free as I havn't done the shopping for next week, I will call the doctor tomorrow to get in on monday so I will spend the weekend eating gluten and continue eating it untill I get tested. Not looking forward to it, I look like a pregnant women from the bloating.

In Topic: Should I Go To The Doctor To Be Tested (Please Help Me)

08 September 2012 - 01:37 AM

Yes it is possible for Celiac disease to be triggered by environmental factors or stressful events.

I think you are dealing with more than gluten intolerance.
I think you should get tested for Celiac.
Tell your Dr. you want a full Celiac Panel done and see what results.
Even if it is negative, you should go gluten free. Your body clearly does not like gluten.

Even the urinary symptoms you are having are consistent with Celiac.
I had the symptoms of bladder infection, painful urination, blood in urine, bladder spasms for most of my life. I was repeatedly tested for bladder infections and it was usually negative but they dosed me with antibiotics anyway. I was even put on a daily antibiotic to prevent the "infections". All the urinary symptoms went away as soon as I went gluten free. No more symptoms at all...ever...unless I get gluten.

It isn't difficult and it doesn't have to be expensive to eat gluten free. You don't have to eat all the gluten free products they make. They are only made to replace the wheaty gluteny products we all grew up on. But you weren't raised on wheat so you just need to go back to eating what you were raised on. What did you eat growing up?

I eat meat, chicken, vegetables, fruits, nuts and good fats...with an occasional dose of chocolate for good measure.

It feels really good not to be sick all the time.
You shouldn't be scared of your Dr. If he doesn't respect you as a partner in your own treatment then you need another Dr. If you can't get one, and you can't get tested, then you should just assume you are Celiac. Your family history screams Celiac and your body is screaming Celiac too. You don't need a Dr. prescription to eat gluten free. It isn't scary or expensive, just a little more time consuming having to do more cooking and being careful of cross contamination which if you are Celiac you will have to learn to pay close attention to.

Sorry you have been feeling so bad. My son is Celiac too. His description of stomach pain from gluten is like having shards of glass in his stomach. Your stomach pain sounds much the same. That, along with all of your other symptoms means that your body really doesn't like gluten at all.

If you don't want to test, you don't have to. You can just go gluten free. The only danger in that is that sometimes when Celiacs heal from going gluten free when they don't know for certain they are Celiac, they can sometimes forget that they thought they were Celiac and they go back to eating gluten because they find it no longer bothers them. This is dangerous for a Celiac. Sometimes the antibodies die down and the body no longer reacts to gluten as quickly as it once did. However, the damage is still being done and you can end up with secondary auto-immune diseases and worse if you truly are Celiac and you don't stay gluten free.

Some people need to know for sure in order to stay gluten free.
I hope your Dr. will listen to you when you ask for the tests, but if not, you know you have the option of finding another Dr. or just going gluten free.

I hope you feel better soon.

Thank you both so much for your support I will go speak to my doctor soon. When I was younger I wasn't allowed much sugar my diet was pretty much fruit, salads, vegetables, meat of all kinds, mostly school lunches was a sanwhich and when I was able I use to pay for a chocolate brownie. My Nan had me living on natural foods from the health food shops.

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