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Member Since 07 Sep 2012
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Gluten Free Protein Shakes

09 September 2012 - 10:21 PM


I wanting to purchase a gluten-free shake but I am not sure what brand would be good I was thinking of one called Naturtral Whey protein. anyone got some ideas?

Should I Go To The Doctor To Be Tested (Please Help Me)

07 September 2012 - 07:04 PM

Hi everyone,

I have had problems for almost a year now my most common symptoms are bloating, really bad stomach pains like someone is stabbing me and punching me, headaches and fatigue. For most of this time I just thought I was being silly until I decided to go off wheat to help with my weight loss as it was suggested to me by my aunty because my little cousin has problems with wheat. A few weeks ago I had to visit my grandmother who is not able to eat wheat at all, and that’s when I really notice the difference.

The two week prior to visiting I avoided everything I knew that contains wheat. Then I stayed at my partner’s grandparents place and of course there was wheat, I noticed by night that I had a headache and stomach cramps and the next day I was feeling really sick with a headache, very tied and cranky for no reason. Then I spent a week with my grandmother not consuming wheat and I noticed by the middle of the week I was feeling great, until I had 3 mini cupcakes and MacDonald’s for dinner. I got all the symptoms magnified and was not well for 3-4 days. I am still nowhere near as good as I felt when I was away with my Nan.

I am nervous about going to see a doctor as my normal doctor is not the nicest. I have recently had a lot of test done, with nothing really showing what is wrong accept that my blood liver levels are elevated and my folate is low and there is small traces of blood in my urine but no infection, (I was tested for urine infections 3 times after experiencing like symptoms).

I really feel like I have intolerance after conducting my little experiment and noticing the more I eat it the worse I get.

Should I speak to my GP to be tested? I am very scared if my results come back positive as I have noticed how expensive and difficult it is to be gluten free.

Is it possible to have this disease just trigger? I was not brought up on wheat just very small amounts and last year I went a little wheat crazy eating cakes and lots of pasta and packet sauces for dinners.

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