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Topics I've Started

Gluten In Prescription Med.

19 September 2014 - 06:01 AM

Hi All,

I am about to start a new prescription, so I just checked with the manufacturer. Online this is their statement:

Contains Gluten:Product contains corn starch which contains a small amount of gluten, so it is not gluten free. However, it does not contain gliaden gluten, the type of gluten associated with celiac sprue.


I called to talk to someone, which was of no further help.  How can something contain gluten that won't affect me? I asked if they tested the product.  She said no, but again that the corn starch contains gluten.  If corn starch doesn't bother me (which it doesn't) then I should be able to take it.


So are there trace amounts of gluten that are below the detectable amount (20ppm) or is there something else in this that really doesn't bother celiac patients??? I find their response absolutely confusing.  If any of you can shed some light on this, it would be great!  


The drug I'm hoping to take is a generic version of a known gluten free drug, so I can easily go back to the pharmacy and exchange it.  But, with a partner out of work, I'm hoping to save 25 beans :)



Does Dh Disappear And Reappear?

01 May 2014 - 02:52 PM

Hi All,

This question is regarding my 2 year old niece who has been breaking out in hives as of late.  I am a celiac without DH symptoms, my sister is likely a celiac but undiagnosed (gluten free), my niece's paternal grandmother and great grandmother are also celiac.  So the kid is in the middle of a genetic minefield.


Apparently, she has been breaking out mostly at night and wakes up in the morning with hives/rash all over her belly, back, and sometimes her arms and legs depending on how bad it is.  The rash disappears pretty quickly.  The first time they took her into the pediatrician and it was no longer there at that point.  This morning, it disappeared as they were eating breakfast.  She is left with a few random hives throughout the day, but not the all over rash.  She does eat gluten, especially at school and she had a roll last night at dinner.  This could be so many things, but I know very little about DH.  Does it come and go that quickly or does it stick around for long periods of time???


She does have some GI symptoms (Constipation) which is leading me to ask this question..


Thanks for your help!


Peppermint Spirits In Grain Alcohol

31 January 2014 - 07:43 AM

Hi All-

I picked up some peppermint spirits yesterday because I'm getting really crunchy an making my own toothpaste. They have 100% gluten free on the label, but it is 85-90% distilled grain alcohol (which I know can be made of corn or something else gluten free).  I called the number on the bottle to interrogate the poor people, but only reached a distributor who didn't have the company #.  Really I'm writing to ask this:  "I should just relax and enjoy, right?"


Needing encouragement to let go and try new products more than anything else.


Zyrtec Otc Tabs

13 January 2014 - 08:26 PM

Hi All-

I was wondering if there's any gluten free folks out there successfully taking Zyrtec over the counter tabs.  I am sensitive to CC.  I called and they gave the standard no gluten ingredients, but we have not tested that med.  They HAVE tested the zyrtec liquid gel caps and they are gluten-free.  Good news for those of you with open liquid gel caps!!


I'm just being very careful.  My body can't afford a glutening right now.  And.. of course I bought and opened the tabs and can't take them back  :huh:




19 December 2013 - 12:47 PM

Have any of you experienced hives that don't seem to be related to gluten?  


I've had environmental allergies all of my life- so I'm well versed in hives.  For the past few months, they have been popping up in the same place (the sides of my face and/or neck- yesterday underneath my bottom lip) and I can't seem to find one singular reason.  


It is definitely not gluten as I have not been bloated at the times when this happens.  I have also recently removed large amounts of corn and dairy when I realized they contributed to my bloating and digestive misery, but can handle small amounts.  The hives have popped up when all I was drinking for hours was wine and then not appeared when I had wine (both times it was white).  The same goes for other foods- they show up and then they don't. They have reared their ugly heads when I haven't eaten for hours.  I'm guessing it is more connected to stress, but was interested in what the experience of others have been.  Sometimes I don't feel particularly stressed when they appear, so I'm at a loss.  Has anyone experiences stress hives??? 


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