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In Topic: Is This Diagnosis Accurate

09 November 2012 - 08:27 AM

Thanks everyone. Based on the way I feel after being gluten-free, I will probably still maintain a gluten-free lifestyle even if I come back negative for celiac. I just don't think there is enough long term data out there to say that someone with gluten sensitivity/intolerence can eat gluten with no long term impact. I'd rather play it safe. And as much as I support medicine and doctors, the best proof is how my body feels. Being gluten-free has helped

In Topic: How Come Gluten Didnt Bother Me In Italy

14 September 2012 - 06:08 AM

I had a similar experience while traveling in Eastern Europe. I accidentally ate gluten three times while traveling and never had a reaction.

I assumed that my reaction to wheat is more than just gluten, and the protein makeup of wheat grown in Europe was sufficiently different that I didn't react to it.

The problem with buying imported flours is that you might possibly develop reactions to those flours as well. Do you really want to risk that? Or would you rather know that the next time you travel you can let down your guard a bit when eating? I'd avoid the daily dose next time (try some risotto - it's awesome), but if you're careful you might be able to give yourself low-stress vacations for years to come.

Thanks for the replies. I'm newly diagnosed, just about 3 months ago. After years of sleep maintenance issues (I can fall asleep, but wake every 2-3 hours. I don't get much REM sleep, no dreaming, very restless) I decided to try accupuncture as sleep studies, melatonin, valarium, ambien and lifestyle changes have not worked. The accupuncturist gave me a cross sensativity test and I came back with gluten sensitivity.

I've kept on a strict gluten free diet for 2.5 months after the diagnosis. I saw slight improvement in my energy levels, less digestion issues and gas, but no real impact on my sleep issues. I made the decision that while in Italy I'd eat whatever I wanted as I couldnt imagine the impact of 2 weeks of gluten (after eating it for the past 30 years) would really cause any long term impact.

Now that I'm back in the US, I'm back to my gluten free diet. I accidentially had some cross contamination yesterday and had a horrible headache. With my experiences in Italy, eating everything and having no symptoms, I wondered if Italian products made of Italian wheat could be part of a gluten-free diet.

Again, I'm 3 months in and despite the 50 hours of reading I've done on the topic, I still have a ton to learn.

Again, thanks for the help.

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