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Member Since 13 Sep 2012
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Topics I've Started

Is This Diagnosis Accurate

08 November 2012 - 07:42 AM

I went to the celiac center at Jefferson in Philadelphia today and I have to question their analysis. I want to run it by the group here and get some opinions.

I tested positive for a gluten sensitivity via a test from Cyrex labs. I've been eating gluten-free for 4 months now and feel slightly better. Less gassy, more energy. But nothing earth shattering. The reason I was tested and decided to go gluten-free was because of sleep issues I've had for 15 years. Nothing else has worked, so after the blood test showed I was sensitive, I went gluten-free. Despite felling better in general, being gluten-free has not improved my sleep issues at all.

So, I went to the celiac center to show them my positive bloodwork showing I had a gluten allergy. I don't think I have celiac, but why not ask the experts. From my symptoms they didnt think I have celiac either, but want to test via endoscopy as well as do bloodwork for the genetic markers for celiac.

The Dr. said that if the genetic markers come back negative, I will never get celiac. Fine, I'm not predisposed to it. Here's where I have qestions. She also said that if its negative, and I do have a gluten sensitivity/intolerance that eating gluten will do no long term damage. Those who are sensitive/intolerent have short term reactions (headaches, gas, bowel issues) but that there is no long term damage.

That doesn't sound right to me. From what I've read there are few long term studies on gluten sensitivity and the long term health implications. How can seh definitively say there are no long term effects? Isnt is safer to not eat gluten and play it safe until we have further information from long term studies?

Any thoughts?

How Come Gluten Didnt Bother Me In Italy

13 September 2012 - 09:59 AM

I recently traveled to Italy, and although I've read they have many many gluten free options, I decided that I was going to eat whatever I wanted, even if it had gluten. When I mentioned this to my doctor, he said it actually may not bother me since the wheat outside of the US is typically less genetically modified and more "natural".

So after 2 weeks in Italy eating pasta daily, pizza, and all kinds of baked goods, I felt great. No headaches, upset stomach or any symptoms of gluten digestion.

Has anyone else had a similar experience outside of the US? If thats the case, could I buy imported flours and pasta made in Italy that arent "gluten free" and be okay eating them at home?

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