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Member Since 14 Sep 2012
Offline Last Active Oct 28 2013 03:32 AM

Topics I've Started

Low Vitamin D & High Cholesterol...advice?

24 October 2013 - 03:21 PM

I don't yet have all my test results back, but I do have some.


I was "negative" on the celiac panel (I plan to ask for copies of my actual numbers.)


"Low" on Vitamin D - Apparently the doctor wants to put me on 50,000 'unit' Vitamin D pills.  To be taken once per week.


The thing that really bothers me is my cholesterol results.   I had slightly high before and was able to lower it with cutting back on carbs.  But this time it is worse than ever.  :/


LDL = 150   HDL = 52  Cholesterol = 235


This is very upsetting.   I know I haven't been watching my carbs as closely, but still, this is very bad.  I need to be at a total of less than 200.  All the sheet says is to "decrease fat, increase fiber."  Not helpful at all...


Anyone else have high cholesterol issues?  It runs in my family, my father had to have triple bypass some years back and is still on statins for cholesterol.  Statins are awful!  I do NOT want to end up on them!


I'm going to get back into really watching my carbs.  That did help me once before with my cholesterol levels.  I have read that LDL can be released if there is damage in the body.  Is this true?  Maybe I need to heal my intestines?    I'm just worried and feel a little lost.  :/


Thanks for reading.




PS - My Thyroid is apparently 'normal'.  TSH = 2.418

Tests After Avoiding Most Gluten..?

15 October 2013 - 11:50 AM

I'm going to give a little background information here in hopes that I can make the most out of my upcoming Doctor appointment.


About a year ago I went to see my doctor thinking I may have IBS.  After speaking with her she told me to try a gluten free diet.  No tests were done.


After another week of being stubborn, I finally tried cutting out the obvious sources of gluten.   I felt much better!  Still, no tests were done.  It was assumed I was not celiac, "just gluten sensitive".


Fast forward to today:


I've been reading more and found out that I used to get DH.  I had a bad gluten reaction two weeks ago.  And I feel like I am reacting to even trace amounts now.  I still get diarrhea more often than is normal.




I have an appointment this Monday morning.


Are there any tests I should request?  

Would they be accurate with me avoiding most (if not all) gluten? 


I am afraid to eat gluten on purpose anymore.  I really don't want to do the test that requires eating it for weeks.  I can't be sick that long.  Though I can't say I have been 100% gluten free.  I have avoided the obvious sources, but not eliminated cross contamination or trace amounts as ingredients in prepackaged foods, sauces, spices, etc.


I guess I might not be celiac, but I know I feel a lot better when I avoid gluten!  It cured my bowel symptoms quickly when I first started.  But now it just seems like I am getting ill often.  I think it is from CC and small amounts of gluten in prepackaged foods.  I guess the only way to know is to see my doctor, which is why I have made the appointment.




Thanks for reading!




In Pain, Questions About Being Glutened.

15 October 2013 - 06:04 AM

This morning I woke up with another of my migraines.  Thankfully I am not in too much pain, but enough to bother me.  I am also frustrated because I don't know why this happened, and I think I must have eaten something.


I seem to have a delayed reaction from when I eat gluten and when I show symptoms.  The last time I noticed it, it was several days before the full effect was on me.   This was only a couple of weeks ago.


Can symptoms come and go after being glutened?   If so how long can they linger?


I am also concerned because I ate some chili my Mom had fixed the other day.  I know they use several canned items in the chili, so I am worried maybe this is my problem.   I'm going to have to not eat her cooking for a while...  This should be 'fun' to explain to her. 


I fixed a meal last night and realized one item I used had citric acid in it.  From what I have been reading, this can come from wheat, correct?  - I always thought this was from citrus fruit!  I'm not sure this is my problem, since I have eaten this same thing before and not had a problem.  But I am concerned.


I'm just frustrated that I don't know why I am hurting.  I'm upset with myself too.  I'm still new to eliminating ALL sources of hidden gluten.  I am trying and making progress, but it makes me upset when I mess up.


Thanks for any help and listening to me,


Concerned About My Parents.

09 October 2013 - 08:30 AM

I've known I am "gluten sensitive" for about a year now, but only recently realized I am likely full blown celiac and need to be much more careful about my diet.  I had a big wake up moment when I ate some rolls (knowingly) made with regular flour.  I was so very sick.  I don't ever want to do that to myself again!  I also discovered that a skin condition I used to get frequently was/is DH.   I had always wondered what the odd bumps on my hands were, now I know..


Knowing all this I am more concerned about my parents, especially my Dad.


My Dad's mom died of colon cancer when I was still a baby.  I never got to meet her.  My Dad has had hemmoroids removed and several colon polyps removed.   I've finally got him to at least limit his breads, I think he realizes it makes him feel better.   But, I am going to talk to him again once I get a chance.  I want him to be tested, I don't want to lose him over gluten!


My Mother is also of concern.  She had a miscarriage before I was born, I am an only child.  She has terrible mood problems.   She also has the beginnings of arthritis and osteoporosis. And she might have carpel tunnel, she says sometimes her hand just "lets go" of things.

 She is only 61.  I think she is too young to have these problems.  I worry she may need to be tested as well.   ... Thing is, I cannot talk to her about hardly anything.  She gets so angry and defensive.  When I first told her and my Dad about the gluten and encouraged them to see about it, she dismissed my concerns right away.  :/


I am thankful my Dad at least listens to me.  I will be talking to him soon.   I will -try- to talk to my Mother, but she really is stubborn.  Even if I print out pages of things for her to read, I know she will not fully listen.  I have tried to help her with even small things, and she is so stubborn she just won't change. 


Do you all have any ideas for me?  I want to help my parents.  I worry about my Dad because of how his mother died of the colon cancer and his own polyps.   I just need them to realize how serious it is!


Thanks for reading,

~Wystearya  aka  Christina

Corn Too?

08 October 2013 - 08:33 AM

I've not been very active here in a while, and I am still a little new to handling my gluten sensitivity.   A few weeks ago I 'poisoned' myself with gluten.  Badly. (I ate some homemade rolls my Dad offered me... stupid I know!)  I'm actually now turned off eating it, which is a good thing for me!


Anyway, on to my current question.


I know that in some people corn is also an issue.  I'm wondering if I might also have this.  I've had raccoon eyes as long as I can remember, but apparently this can be a symptom of corn allergies.  I've also noticed sometimes in the past getting tiny fluid filled bumps on my fingers, and I think this is also something to do with corn..? 


I'm just concerned since several gluten free items still contain corn.  I love corn chips and salsa..  But if I have a problem with it I don't want to make myself sick anymore.


Is there a way I can test this?   I guess the only way is to eat some corn and see how I feel??  *ugh*


I do eat corn, but I am not sure if I react to it.  This is because I wasn't being as careful at avoiding gluten as I should be.   My recent glutening was a wake up call for me.  I cannot let myself eat any, especially on purpose!  I'm not celiac, and I thought 'a little won't hurt' but it does.  And I am now being much more careful.


Can anyone here tell me how common it is for those who are gluten sensitive to also react to corn?

Should I try a bit and see how I feel?  Or..?


Thank you very much!


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