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Negative Biopsy

16 January 2013 - 04:34 PM

Hey all, so a quick recap:

Had Salmonella this summer, was concerned about Celiac developing so had blood work done in September that came back as follows:

Deamidated Gliadin IgA 5 (<10)
Deamidated Gliadin IgG 11 (<10)
Tissue Transglutaminase IgA 16 (<10)
Endomysial Ab 1:5

So some of the tests came back very weakly positive, the endomysial was actually on the line between negative and positive, very weird results. I went on to read that 1:5 is considered negative and any tests speaking of endomysial to confirmed Celiac regarded that as a negative dilution. I know the TTG could be elevated during infection as been proven in studies, so that one was explainable. The last one being the IgG gliadin, only being one over though made it once again very questionable.

With such weird results I underwent a biopsy, at this point I no longer had any residual symptoms of Salmonella like I had in September during the blood tests. The GI was very experienced with Celiac, being regarded as one of the best in the province and he heads the provincial GI association. He was very well versed on silent Celiac and said despite my lack of symptoms I could still have the disease, he knew to take many biopsies, including 4 in the duodenum alone and several others throughout the intestine. He assured me that if I have Celiac and these weren't elevated because of Salmonella he would find it, I really do trust the guy.

With all that being said the results came back absolutely normal. He said there was no damage whatsoever, no early signs, no inflammation, nothing. A perfectly healthy intestine. What a relief! We will be redoing the blood tests to see if they are all back to negative again.

The funny thing is that after all of this I am still going to try the gluten free diet with my family. I have put so much time preparing myself for the disease I figure what the heck, may as well give it a try, no harm done. Going to be interesting if I notice any changes while on the diet.

I will update you guys with my blood results and how the trial diet goes. I will be doing the blood tests before going on the diet of course. Thanks for all the help!

Just Finished The Endoscopy, What A Breeze!

21 December 2012 - 12:58 PM

Wow, I cant believe I was freaking out about it, I couldn't even remember half of it, way too easy.

As for the results he said my intestines looked perfectly healthy, no visual signs of inflammation or ulcers or any of that sort. He took 5 biopsies and I will get the results in 3-4 weeks.

If Celiac Is Caught And Treated Early Is There Still Risk For Other Autoimmune?

06 December 2012 - 02:06 PM

As some of you know I may be diagnosed with early celiac. If my ab's don't go down and it is proven celiac and we treat it am I still at risk for developing other autoimmune diseases? We already checked 15 different antibodies, negative for everything so as of right now it is just the possibility of early celiac. Thoughts?

Anxiety And Depression

24 November 2012 - 11:15 AM

I was wondering how many of you experienced either or both and had the symptoms resolve once you went gluten free.

What Abdomen Related Symptoms Did You Have?

04 November 2012 - 07:05 PM

1- Where in the abdomen was your pain located?
2- How long after a meal would the pain come?
3- Would you get pains when eating non gluten food?
4-How would you describe the pain? (sharp and stabbing, dull, achy)
5- How often did you go to the washroom? Would you need to go soon after ingesting gluten?
6- Was the pain consistent like daily or would it come and go?

What other symptoms came after ingesting gluten?

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