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In Topic: Caramel Apples

17 September 2012 - 09:52 AM

So, with Fall rapidly approaching I have been craving caramel apples. I was at Wegman's today and saw some, the company is Tastee. I looked at the package and was excited when there was no wheat flour, food starch, or natural flavor on the ingredient list. I also checked the allergen label which listed peanuts, milk, and soybean. I was excitedly optimistic but wanted to double check online to see if they had anything about gluten free on their website. They didn't mention it and when I clicked on the caramel apple ingredients they listed wheat flour as an ingredient AND listed wheat as an allergen. :angry: I emailed the company and obviously will not be eating the apples, at least not until I get an answer, but any thoughts? Is the package wrong or is the website wrong? Any opinions? OH well, my caramel apple craving will have to be ignored, at least for tonight. :( Thanks!

I purchased a package of Carmel nutty apples at Aldis.. They are 120 calories each an are made with gluten free rice flour as one of the ingredients. I have eaten one an have had no reactions. Their web site is www.affytapple.com. Please check out before eating them. I am new at this an have not been officially diagnosed by a doc. Have been gluten free, I think, for three weeks today. Have felt much better. Good luck.

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