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In Topic: I'm Having And Endoscopy Pretty Soon To Check For Barret's Esophagus

04 October 2012 - 08:20 AM

If it isn't a constant and if you still only have it occasionally, its probably doing its job.

Don't mind me, i was on a several meds that never worked over that time peroid so i had it nonstop.

My diet is very restricted because of the Barrett's and I've tried coming off of the Nexium and have tried a few different PPI's and natural remedies but nothing works for me unfortunately. My GE is talking surgery for the large hernia but I'm not at all keen on that because the success rate is not that high and like you I don't tolerate sedation well at all. I'd rather stay on a PPI than risk my Barrett's progressing to cancer :(

In Topic: I'm Having And Endoscopy Pretty Soon To Check For Barret's Esophagus

04 October 2012 - 07:09 AM

Thank you, I think I will go ahead and ask the GI to do it, gonna be in that area anyway right? :)and I have been eating gluten 2 out of 3 meals(oh and snacks too) for awhile now but hopefully someone else can chime in.

How was your endoscopy and how did you feel after? I"ve never had one done or been "put out" Apparantly I have reaaaaaaaaally bad reflux and have to take nexium for the rest of my life. :'(

I was really nauseated after my first endoscopy and throwing up a lot because of an adverse reaction to the sedative that they used but other than that I was fine. You don't feel anything from the biopsies. I had to have my esophagus dilated due to strictures. Yes I too have terrible reflux and like you will have to take Nexium for life :( According to my husband who was with me in recovery after my first endoscopy I would wake up briefly ask how it all went then be sick and immediately fall asleep for a few minutes then wake up and ask the same question all over again..ha..ha..he said this went on for about twenty mins. For each subsequent endoscopy they used a different sedative and I've never had the same reaction thank goodness.

I'm not sure how much gluten you should be eating but I think as long as you've been eating some daily and not been completely gluten free you should be fine. Maybe someone else can answer that for sure.

In Topic: Blood Tests Negative

03 October 2012 - 12:00 PM

Your IgA level of 189 would be your total serum IgA, a test which is run as a control to make sure that your body produces normal amounts of IgA. The value of 189 would seem to put you squarely in the normal range. :)

Thanks you. Normal is good. :)

In Topic: Blood Tests Negative

03 October 2012 - 11:14 AM

I, like you, had a positive TTG IGA but with a negative biopsy and a positive genetic test (i have both? lol). That and with the positive reaction to the diet, yes, i do have it (even though my doctor just says "intolerence" >.>).

I had to do the biopsy 4 weeks after i went gluten free O.O

My tTG IgA was negative my IgA level was 189 mg/dl I don't know the difference between those two. I wish they'd give numbers instead of just negative for all the tests and actually have the numbers in corresponding columns! It would make it so much easier to read.
I firmly believe that we know our bodies better than any Doctor and I know for sure that whenever I have a lighter gluten day as in if we eat rice as opposed to bulgur I have less problems with bloating, cramping etc. I will go gluten free regardless of what the biopsy reveals once I have it. I may have the genetic test done just to see if I carry the gene. I seem to remember when I went through some fertility treatments 10 years ago that we had HLA testing done and I'm pretty sure I remember DQ8 but of course I can't find the paperwork and the clinic was bought out and all my files have gone into storage and can't be accessed.

In Topic: "it's All In Your Head!"

03 October 2012 - 10:20 AM

When you hear people tell you it's 'all in your head' enough times it's very easy to start believing it. For years I lived with undiagnosed Hashimoto's and my symptoms were put down to getting older, homesickness, as I'd just moved to the US even though my job took me back to the UK 3-4 times per month. I also lived with my GERD was told to de-stress my life and cut out spicy foods!! I was eventually diagnosed with a large Hiatus hernia and Barrett's esophasgus! The hashi's was diagnosed after 2 of what turned into six miscarriages and had it been treated when I first started having problems I might well have gone on to have a successful pregnancy but alas it wasn't meant to be for me. I am depressed I'll admit that but it's as a result of not getting answers to what is going on with my health. If an antidepressant would make all of my symptoms go away I'd be the first one to take it but I truly believe that that isn't the problem.

I think I'll lose it if another Doctor tells me it's all in my head :)

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