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In Topic: Apparently You Guys Were Right, It's All In My Head!

26 August 2013 - 11:08 AM

^is why commenting is not going to help^


I ask a question and get 2,  maybe 4 answers if I'm lucky, and this guy who is rude and doesn't want to listen to anyone and blames us for misdiagnosing him gets 6 pages. odd


The attiude has to go ofc but its hard not to emphasis when were both the same age  and i remember how bad it all was and then the doctor asking me was it all in my head lol that was a grit your teeth moment and last time i seen him of course.

In Topic: Apparently You Guys Were Right, It's All In My Head!

26 August 2013 - 11:07 AM

It's all cool, any food is making me sick so I'll just be eating eggs for the next week and see if it gets worse or bad, if that doesn't work I'll try eating mangoes for a whole week and so on, because I have no idea what is good or bad for me, remember any food gives me a reaction , water as well so since i don't wanna die of starvation I'll still ingest one thing at a time for days hoping it is safe.


Well if you do this right and i mean actually work hard to stick to certain foods and find the answer then i shall like to help, i understand the frustration when you have to deal with this shit everday. No more attitude though or im out and i imagine all will be. Let us know how your getting on later in the week

In Topic: Apparently You Guys Were Right, It's All In My Head!

26 August 2013 - 10:01 AM

Those are the cereal I eat, http://us.naturespat...-flakes-raisins


They are not supposed to contain nut,soy or wheat, it's certified gluten free, it say it MAY contain nuts and soy, please read my posts carefully, I never said it may contain wheat.


If it says may then dont have it like!! Your just going to continue down this road forever like. I know you did not say wheat, i meant nut soy wheat oats gluten barely or whatever just dont have it. Were the same age mate so ive basically been where you are but really your attitude doesnt help like. So good luck to you i wouldnt wish anyone to be sick but your not helping yourself at all.

In Topic: Apparently You Guys Were Right, It's All In My Head!

26 August 2013 - 08:48 AM

I cant believe your eating cereal that may contain nuts soy wheat what ever that needs to be removed. I used to drink 4-5 nights a week among other things and now i dont do any of that if i go out on a social occasion i have water. Your body is telling you it cant be treated the same way and you still have to live life but shit must change, be resilient and very stubborn with your self.


With the weed like whatever you think its doing you good but doctors are SO much more likly to take your symptoms less seriously why would they when you have all shit in your system. Harsh but fair i think.



In Topic: Apparently You Guys Were Right, It's All In My Head!

25 August 2013 - 05:08 PM

Yes do it, pick just a couple of items and eat them for a whole week nothing else, if one of the items causes pain drop it straight away and replace it. Mnn some of your symptoms i havnt experience with but a good few i dont.


Neck pain i dont understand, eye burn can be from acid reflux drying thier eyes and other glands. I still get this.

Shortness of breathe sounds like the doctor should be really focusing on you.


All digestion issues i think most people get sounds like your  body has had it so much now evrerything piece of food is hurting though every peice of food is not causing the problem. What has the doctor said to you? These sound like way 2 many to be ingored

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