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Member Since 23 Sep 2012
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Topics I've Started

Nearly A Year Later

21 August 2013 - 11:12 AM

Hey all


This is the first time ive logged in, in about 10 months maybe could be longer. I decided i was reading everyday about being sick and it wasnt healthy but i would like to thank all who helped me with my previous threads, particually the one about my girlfriend making me sick that was a long saga but its sorted now. After getting over the first 6 months living life with my separte cultury,plates and 40 sponges i use a week is just normal and this is the healthiest ive been ever. So hopefully i can help others who are going through the same process, i would say its been a good few months since i was properly glutened actually the last time was when i tried that dominos gluten free :/ bad times.


Not a real point to this thread just wanted to show my appreication and a thank you.




Blood Results Back

14 October 2012 - 06:09 PM

Heyy so got my blood results back Friday listed the tests i got below

Full blood count, Glucose random, Liver function tests, Thyroid function test and Urea and electrolytes for gp and ESR

All came back normal apart from my Liver which was high, anything i should interpret from this? I have to have it retaken in another 3 weeks to see if it changes any. I was reading that people with celiac/intolerance's can have higher liver enzymes though not sure why. Thx

Girlfriend Making Me Sick And Dont Know Why

10 October 2012 - 06:29 PM

Hey so just spent today and yesterday really glut-end after making it a whole 5 days (longest since it began 55 days ago). Ive changed my whole life so im beyond careful and have finally solved all the CC issues. So my Girlfriend comes over im already scared because every time Ive seen her this month i get sick and its def a glut-end reaction usual symptoms stomach pain, bloating and then the on rush of tiredness. They were much stronger this time as well.

Ive searched rigorously to find out if all her make up is gluten free, she no longer wears lip stuff just Vaseline. Ive emailed MAC make up to see if her powder and foundation are gluten free. The thing is she completely took off all her make up and showered etc and all through today it felt like it was getting worst. The all situation is causing a strain on our relationship either were fighting because shes upset she makes me sick or im blaming her for it when frustrated.

So has anyone exp with this also i should note she brushes her teeth after every meal and before she ever kisses me. Should i be aware of any other items such as: All make up, hairspray, hair products, perfume, tanning stuff, nail polish etc. I actually cant see her again till ive sorted something its too much. Any info will be appreciated thx

Need To Fast Before Any Of These Blood Tests?

07 October 2012 - 09:53 AM

Heyy got my blood tests at 7am 2maro morning which is 12 hours from now, I know i dont have to do a 24 hour fast but is there any of the tests below which require a few hours of no eating. THank you

Full blood count, Glucose random, Liver function tests, Thyroid function test and Urea and electrolytes for gp and ESR

Was This Good Result From My Doctors Appointment?

01 October 2012 - 02:50 PM

Hey so i seen my doctor today and told him how id been of gluten for about 40 days, of course he suggested the blood test which would involve me going back on gluten which i declined as a tiny bit is now causing reactions. I got my lanzoperole changed from 30mg to 15mg which i belive since going gluten free i dont need.

Anyway got the following blood tests to be done 2maro, Full blood count, Glucose random, Liver function tests, Thyroid function test and Urea and electrolytes for gp. I dont know what any of them are for apart from the full blood count, is this good progress? From your experiences am i gonna find anything from these. Thx for your advice as always

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