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In Topic: How Long To Feel Better After Iron Vi Infusion?

12 December 2012 - 12:52 PM

It takes a while to " grow" new red blood cells. You make about 1/120 of your total red blood cells each day. They live about 120 days. You need B12 to help you use the iron to make healthy blood cells. Either get a shot or get some sublingual ( bypasses your messed up intestines).

Thanks for your reply. My B12 levels are in the normal range so thankfully, nothing to worry about it there.

Two days in now and woke up today feeling absoluetly exhausted. I'm pretty sure it wasn't the drugs that they give me prior to the infusion because I was totally fine the last two days. It's almost as if I have a flu / fever. Anyone else experience this?

In Topic: Possible Celiac Disease Drug Treatment ALV003 Fast Tracked by FDA - Celiac.com

15 October 2012 - 12:18 AM

Wow that's very interesting. Wouldn't celiacs have to consume that on regular basis if they are eating gluten. Regardless, I really do hope that this works. Thanks for the share.

In Topic: Recently Diagnosed But No Reaction To Eating Gluten

24 September 2012 - 06:27 PM

It is very common in the beginning to have no noticeable reaction to eating gluten. It is also common to begin reacting violently to it once you have been gluten-free for a few months. Until then, you just need to be very vigilant. Utensils should be fine as long as they are thoroughly washed. You need your own toaster, cutting board and colander. Plastic storage containers and utensils can hold gluten, so you should use new ones. Scratched teflon or enamel pans will also contaminate you- stainless steel is fine as long as it is washed thoroughly.

It isn't about just getting sick. You need to shut down the immune response to gluten, and as long as your body is exposed to even tiny ammounts, it will continue making antibodies, even if you don't feel sick.

Check out the newbie 101 topic for more detailed info on what changes to make.

And welcome to the boards!

Wow that's a really good answer. Just what i was looking for! So I'll get my mum to get a new pan and cutting board for gluten free cooking. My parents are adamant that contamination of small particles of gluten won't do any harm (then again, they were adamant to not get a endoscopy too, and thought i was just fine). I have skimmed the 101 topic, sounds like a great read. Will read it thoroughly later today. But again, thanks a lot for that answer, really cleared up a lot of my doubts.

I don't know... I could be enough. It's a hard call when you have silent celiac to ensure you are contaminating your food. If you are sure that your vitamins, medications, sauces (soy, wochestershire, teriyaki, barbque) crackers and cereals are all gluten-free then you are probably doing enough.

I would check your iron levels and celiac blood panels in a few months to see if it's improving at all.

When I went gluten-free, my improvements were GI in nature as well as less frequent migraines. My energy didn't change a bit. I found out I was hypothyroid and that was holding my energy back. If low energy is an issue, and everything else is fine, you might want to have your TSH levels checked; Hashimoto's hypothyroidism occurs frequently along with celiac.

Best wishes.

Thanks for the answer. Yeah I strictly make sure everything i eat is gluten free.

On more question: As stated before, my iron and B12 levels are pretty darn low (cant remember the numbers right now). It's really bugging me because iron supplements cant help (as my intestines cant absorb any iron). Any rough estimate on how long would it be before i start to absorb iron properly?

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