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In Topic: Celiac Specialists In Boston

26 September 2012 - 09:40 AM

Any experience with Dr. Susan Kelly at BIDMC? I made an appointment there, they gave me Dr. Sheth (with an appointment for Monday on Friday) who I saw a lot of bad experiences with mentioned on this forum (wonder why he's so available? ;P ) So I called back and I switched and they gave me Dr. Susan Kelly, but I have to wait a month. I would rather do that then end up with a bad experience, if I'm hauling myself all the way into Boston. The Medical Director Dr. Ciaran Kelly, is I think the one most people are referring to when they say Dr. Kelly at BIDMC, so I was wondering if anyone had any experience with Dr. Susan Kelly.

I saw Dr. Sheth last March and should have heeded the warnings. He was, of course, the only one available so quickly. I took it because I was feeling so terrible and wanted answers. I really didn't get any. I waited over an hour to see him, his asst did all the work and when the Dr showed up, it was for 5 min and said I most likely had IBS, but to go gluten free.

After a few weeks, lab results said my vit D was scary low(low teens) and was given prescription vit D. I've called 3 times since April to request lab results be sent to me so I can see where my other values are (still have no clue what my B's and iron were) and still have not received them. Dr. Sheth went on a month long vacation the day after my appt. So when his asst called to tell me about my low vit D, he wasn't sure what the DR wanted to do (since he wasn't even in the country!) as far as a biopsy since my celiac test was neg, but I had some low values and very high CRP and ESR rates. My phone calls were rarely returned and after going gluten free the day after my appt, I didn't want to go back on gluten after 2 months free to have a biopsy (since he was gone so long!). I'm pretty disgusted with my experience with him and his office.

Since being gluten free, I feel a ton better, but still have some issues. Thought about making an appt to see Dr. Kelly or Dr. Cheney...but not sure if it's worth it at this point.

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