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In Topic: How Soon Would I Know If I'd Had Gluten?

03 April 2013 - 08:16 AM

I think it depends on the person but I know within an hour at most.  My symptoms are fairly severe.  Within 30-60 minutes my stomach starts rumbling, then the diarrhea and stomach pains hit, then I get a killer headache and total brain fog, feels like I've been drugged, dizzy, etc.  Depending on how severe the contamination was it lasts for anywhere from 1-5+ days.  When you say you ate eggs out of a buffet do you mean they were in a buffet with other foods?  You can't really eat foods at a buffet because the risk of cross-contamination is really high.  People use the same scoop for different food, crumbs from food can fall into the eggs.  Not to mention a lot of people with celiac have problems with dairy too.  The eggs likely had milk and butter in them.  I went gluten-free in November but then I started getting sick again and two weeks ago I had to go dairy-free as well and now symptoms are clearing up.

In Topic: Did This Happen To You When You Went Gluten Free?

30 March 2013 - 07:34 AM

I didn't start having solid bowel movements until 6 weeks after going gluten-free and I had digestive problems after eating for 6-8 weeks.  Give it time, it will start to improve.


One tip - do not eat tons of gluten-free products right at the start.  Try to avoid all the gluten-free breads, muffins, etc until your digestive system has a chance to rest, just eat whole foods.

In Topic: Cheese Again

10 March 2013 - 10:29 AM

I am 3.5 months gluten free and I can't have dairy :(  I was still eating dairy until this past week but I was still sick all the time.  Then I finally decided to bite the bullet and get rid of dairy and my stomach bloat, gas, and diarrhea has gone away.  So I am going to do dairy free for 6 months and then try introducing small amounts again.  I don't know what in the world we are supposed to eat when we can't have gluten or dairy!

In Topic: Dairy Free Protein Powder

09 March 2013 - 08:05 PM

I tried 3 different rice protein powders and I couldn't stand the taste of any of them.  I also tried some vegan mix ones and they were also not good.  The texture is bad and I put TONS of fruit and all I could taste was the powder. 

In Topic: Dairy Free Protein Powder

09 March 2013 - 04:33 PM

What does the hemp powder taste like?

You might try asking around for hemp powder anyway??  Or you may be able to order it online??  Here's a place to start:



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