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In Topic: Over A Year Out And Still Highly Elevated Ttg Iga =(

15 November 2013 - 10:33 AM

The elevated tTg could very well be from another AI disease brewing.  I doubt that a little cc would cause it to be so high after 1 year....it should have come down more than that if you follow the gluten-free diet.

I appreciate this and I am scared but trying to get in to see my doctor and do the follow-ups. The DGP  did come down.


I can see how I might seem defensive about the cc aspect but probably you get that when your health is uncertain and you are in the process of testing, it isn't really helpful to be told to listen to your body. I mean I'll probably listen to my celiac specialist and her evidence. My body is telling me every ache and pain is a sign that I'm going to be sick and not be able to take care of my children. Becaus nothing is known yet.


If I thought the problem was a pair of gloves at chipotle I probably wouldn't be here and wouldn't be so scared. I'm just hoping to get healthy and be able to take care of my little boys.

In Topic: Ridiculous Conversations

12 November 2013 - 09:16 PM

I live in California so there are a lot of lifestyle gluten free people, which is mostly great but I get a lot of:


-"So I hear you're going gluten free?".."Actually I done GONE. I don't really have a choice"

-"You know if you have nice sour dough bread it cancels out the gluten"

-"It's only the GMO wheat that you have to worry about"

-"I'm trying to eat gluten free but last night I was bad and had rice" 

-"Have you lost so much weight?" "Actually it kind of sucks because I gained, I was naturally skinny my whole life" (and then I watch the wheels turning...on a diet but gains weight,...cannot compute)

In Topic: Over A Year Out And Still Highly Elevated Ttg Iga =(

12 November 2013 - 08:41 PM

A positive tTG IgA can also be caused by diabetes, crohn's, colitis, liver disease, thyroiditis, or an infection. I am sure there are other causes that I don't know about too. I'm glad they are looking into other causes too.


...this is actually what I'm most worried about. I know celiac is serious but if it's "just" from gluten exposure I wouldn't be worried. It's that combined with the low blood cells. My levels were low last time she did a cbc as well. I just realized I wrote elevated white blood cells (my son had elevated platelets and I got mixed up), it was low that flagged.