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In Topic: Glutened In Restaurant

27 July 2013 - 07:33 AM




Not sure if your reaction is normal for most but for me that is normal.  If I eat something that contains gluten, I have about 30 to 45 minutes to get home before I get really sick and end up in bed for the day.  I ate out at 5 Guys the other day and within 30 minutes of eating it was like I had taken a very strong laxative and that was just form a little cross contamination.   :( If I was to eat one cookie, my symptoms would be the same as yours up above.   :(   It's like having the flu.  Good luck!


Thank you!



I hope the point where you tell that story and laugh about it isn't too far in the future. It is going to be a good one when you do get there.

Yeah, if an actual ingredient makes its way into my food, I'll start to have digestive reactions within minutes though I haven't been hit so hard as you ... yet. But minor contaminations normally take a little longer for me, about an hour or so later and are more about the sinus, mood, and headaches.

Sorry your "friend" wasn't more understanding. I suppose those who don't have food allergies can't relate though I'm still glad I don't have one that causes anaphylactic shock. Those peanut-allergy folks still have it worse than us.

Yes, I try to tell myself there are people worse off than me.  But sometimes my own pity party wins out. :)

In Topic: Glutened In Restaurant

26 July 2013 - 08:26 AM

I react very fast to Gluten, within minutes!! I am in the restroom, not usually throwing up tho. Sometimes feeling ill for a day afterward but not sick to my stomach. I guess everyone reacts different. Hope it is much better now. Hopefully your recovered and back to work. Did you call and ask how they prepared the meal? What did you have anyway? If you don't mind me asking...


This is what I had off the gluten-free menu:


Scallop BLT, honeydew vinaigrette
Layered Seafood Cocktail, orange chili sauce
Grilled Island Style Fresh Fish with tropical fruit salsa, jasmine rice and bok choy Asian slaw


I also asked the waiter two separate times to clarify with the chef that there was no soy in any of the ingredients.  I have sent a very detailed email to the manager and am waiting for a response.

In Topic: Glutened In Restaurant

26 July 2013 - 08:24 AM

So, you see, there will be down days and there will be normal, up days.  You might be able to eat soy again down the road, you never know. And that friend of yours who left without talking to you?  Not much of a friend, if you ask me.  There should have been concern for you and there wasn't. Don't dwell on that but take care of yourself...things will get better, I promise you. I hope you could laugh at my stories and know that you are not alone in your embarrassment. We all have been there!   :)


Thanks, Gemini.  It all feels so overwhelming again.  Thank you for sharing your stories -- it's nice to know I am not alone.  I think I need to put some kind of emergency "bag" in my car -- but that will only solve half the issue, if you know what I mean.  :blink:


I know I just have to keep going, but I guess I am still mourning the loss of eating like a normal person.  I really thought I had moved past that.  And I am hurt that my friend has not bothered to check on me, let alone send any form of communication.  Who does that?  I don't think my getting sick deserves a shunning.  It's not like I don't already feel like an outcast every time food is involved.


Thank you so much for your encouragement.  It has truly brought me comfort.  :wub:

In Topic: Glutened In Restaurant

25 July 2013 - 06:59 PM

Well the depression really hit big today.  Not sure if it is a symptom of the soy contamination or just from the fact that I am still sick and probably will be for at least 2 weeks, was horribly sick at the restaurant (Linda Blair, Exorcist sick), embarrassed to death because it happened while with my out-of-town friend, or  because he left town without responding to my email (nevermind trying to make me feel better about going Linda Blair in front of him).


I know it wasn't my fault, but it's beyond embarrassing.  And depressing to think that I can't go out with my friends like a normal person.  I'll always be the outcast that can't go, or can't eat.  And I'm going to spend the rest of my life afraid to eat unless I'm eating at home.


Yep.  Lot of tears today.

In Topic: If I Have A Very Rich Diet Can't I Just Eat The Same Thing Everyday?

24 July 2013 - 07:34 PM

I don't feel the energy I did when I first started but I know that's because I am vitamin deficient. Sweet potatoes have a lot of vitamins and that's why I eat one every day. Every vitamin pill I have looked at has either gluten, soy, or corn, so I haven't been taking any. As soon as I get a chance to get to the health food store I plan on trying some that have corn starch because I THINK I can probably do corn starch again.




These are the vitamins that I take.  Gluten free, soy free.  They don't say soy free, but there is no soy in the ingredients and they don't make me sick.  I don't see corn in the ingredients either -- unless there is another name for it I am not aware of.

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