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Should I Bother With Getting A Bioposy

11 October 2012 - 11:28 PM

I have been living with many many symptoms of celiacs for 3 years now since I had my son. I first went to my doctor about my symptoms 2.5 years ago and she brought up celiacs and did the blood test. My IgA levels were way low and she did a 2nd blood test and the results were the same. She said it was impossible that my symptoms were from celiacs and left it at that.

Now 2.5 years later and I was feeling worse then ever so I decided to cut out gluten and after a week felt way better. My bloating went down, I was less tired, and my burning rashes on varies parts of my body hurt a bit less, but then I had soy sauce and got sick all over again and went to see my new doctor. She did another blood test and my IgA levels are still low, but she said it is highly likely that celiacs is the culprit due to my stomach issues, iron levels, and burning rashes. She referred me to a GI doctor but they cannot even see me for a 1st visit until the end of January.

Now my question is should I bother with getting a biopsy or continue on being gluten free? I was also considering switching doctors again now that I live in Chicago for ones that are with UIC and their celiacs center.

Any input would be great. Thanks

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