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Blood Test Results Opinions?

12 October 2012 - 09:38 PM

Hi everyone been reading these posts for a while. Just need some opinions on my situation.
( I have posted this on another Celiac forum as well)
53 yr old male no health problems in my life until August 2011 I suddenly became very ill with racing heart,Ab pains,Nausea and Anxiety. Rushed to ER they did a barrage of tests given all clear. They said that I had a panic attack and referred me to my GP for follow up.

Over the next few weeks more blood tests, urine, Xray and a Cat scan. All came up normal given a breath test which discovered I had a HP infection. That was eradicated and confirmed with another breath test.

Over the next few months felt a lot better but still had mild Ab pains loose stool and anxiety. I also developed several skin rashes that were very itchy that would come and go.

Further tests were conducted for Diabetes but was given all clear. I then did tests for Celiac disease. My Dr informed me that my numbers were only slightly elevated but I also have the Dq2 gene.

Dr wants me to have the Endo which I'm not keen on unless I have no choice which I'm leaning towards as Im worried is something else going on. I have no problem sticking to the Gluten free diet for life. My Dr is not that concerned as I dont have any red flag signs that indicate something more sinister. But surely I would be feeling a lot better. I have been on the diet for 4 months and I'm very strict with it and aware of CC. The first week I felt great and thought I had found my answer now I'm not so sure.

These are my blood test results conducted in Australia if that makes any difference I'm not sure.

I mmunoglobulin A. 5.3 g/l (0.60-396)
Gliadin IgA Abs 14 uml (0- 20)
tTg IgA/IgG 50 u/ml. (0-24)
Dq2 gene detected

Thanks very much in advance for any opinions. Mark.

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