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Is Glutinous Rice Safe?

30 September 2012 - 01:35 AM


First time poster. I just wanted some advice, if any exists, on the symptoms I'm having.

My medical/diet story:

At age 12, I was put on an anti-depressant Paxil. Then Celexa.
At age 18, I stopped eating mammals and birds.
At age 19, I decided I wanted to be a really healthy human being and I quit "my" anti-depressants (cold turkey).

After this time, however, my diet remained heavily reliant on typical American fare: genetically modified monocrop agribusiness wheat, vegetables and fruits - both in fast food and at the supermarket - agribusiness milk poured onto agribusiness sugar-bombs like "Lucky Charms" and other horrible fare. From teenager onward, I also began noticing my bathroom habits were different from others. My stool was weird, constipation sporadic, and a very itchy and dry skin under me (the bicycle seat area of me, to put it pleasantly).

This culminated in late 2008 with new - stronger - symptoms, after I ate a few Little Caesar's pizzas too many in California. The location and year may be important, but I am just speculating because late 2008 saw an aggressive rise of cheapening food due to the beginnings of an economic deterioration in the USA, and perhaps the wheat source used in pizza companies - while already awful - may have worsened at this time? Perhaps they started buying more GMO wheat?

In any case, the reactions I started having to all wheat products were:

Sensitivity to bright lights,
Pain behind the eyes and around the eyes, and from movement of the eyes,
A constant sore throat,
Inability to sleep,
Loose stool,
Clouded thinking,
Extremely heightened lactose intolerance (never had before),
Heightened intolerance to eggs (never had before either)

and a number of other problems connected to this.

I couldn't trace the source and I became very scared of eating even vegetables because nobody could tell me what was wrong; and indeed many told me nothing was wrong and it was all in my head. Some suggested I should just eat meat and the problems would all go away. It wasn't until mid 2009 that my mom told me she never eats much bread because it gives her migraines and causes her whole digestive system to get messed up. Thanks mom! So I stopped eating wheat and related breads and after two weeks, my symptoms faded away and I was humbled by this simple but elegant solution to almost all my problems, except the dry skin.


Now, almost 4 years later, I am gluten-free, I am baking gluten-free cookies, cakes, pizzas, and breads and enjoying it a lot. I still have the extremely dry patch of skin, but that might be from sitting too much for my job, being at home or bicycling?

Now here is the mysterious "twist".

I don't get a bad reaction to many grains like some who have wheat sensitivity, BUT when I eat anything with "glutinous rice" in it, I get the same thing that I get when I eat a wheat cupcake:

First, my stomach feels "strange" (not bad, but strange)
Second, within seconds, my head becomes foggy, my throat closes up a bit, my eyes become sluggish and my sinuses clear out as if I just shot medicine up my nose (I thought this was a good thing at first, until I learned to associate it with this reaction)
Thirdly, nausea sets in and my breathing must be more forced for me to take deep breaths
Fourth, a headache and abdominal sensitivity
Fifth, general tiredness, aches in the face and a gradual reduction of symptoms over the following several hours


I am not sure if this sounds like anything anyone else has, but it's literally the same reaction I have every time. It's like an allergy. Rice is fine, sticky rice is even fine, but this "glutinous rice" product and the multiple Asian delights made of it all give me this same reaction. It is exactly equivalent to a reaction to eating bread for me. What is going on?

An old man I know has a very similar issue and he learned he had some bowel or intestine damage from a long time ago that - once cleared and operated on a bit - allowed him to even begin eating wheat again.

Any help/advice/anecdotes would be appreciated.
Thank you!

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