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Member Since 30 Sep 2012
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In Topic: I Think We Have A Flare Up (Pics)

28 May 2014 - 08:44 AM

I am putting this in as a reference if anyone has DH questions.  I finished my gluten challenge 13 days ago, and the spots started during the challenge, but I did not explode with them until last night.  Today I am covered.  So, 2 weeks later, it is still in my system and I am in a full attack and polka dotted.  

In Topic: It Was Supposed To Be Over At Gluten Free! Help :(

27 May 2014 - 07:42 AM

And if it helps at all, I have found that one slip up going out to dinner and I am doomed for a month. 

In Topic: It Was Supposed To Be Over At Gluten Free! Help :(

27 May 2014 - 07:31 AM

AnnaChristine, you started this post nearly a month ago, and you keep coming back saying you are feeling worse and worse. There are a lot of people concerned about you giving you good advice. I hope you will try some of the suggestions to see if it helps you.


Everyone on here has had to try different things to find the answer. It's a trial and error process. I'd really like to see you improve and start feeling better. I think that's going to mean trying something you haven't tried yet.


Whatever you do try, two weeks isn't long enough to see if it's helping you. It can take months to see a difference, or longer depending. For example, people who take L-Glutamine take it continuously until they are well however long that takes.


It would be really helpful to you, and reduce stress, if you would try not to have any expectations about how long this process will take. There is absolutely no way of predicting the time it will take you to get well. Stress will keep you from getting well as much as anything. I've been working on my own recovery for two years now. You are a lot younger than me so there is no reason that it has to take that long for you.


Try to relax and make peace with this process though. When you get it figured out you will have your whole life ahead of you to look forward to, knowing what you need to do to stay well. It won't always be this hard.

That is a good one for me to remember.  :)  I always want immediate results and that just does not happen.

In Topic: A Few Unrelated Questions About celiac disease/ncgs

27 May 2014 - 07:29 AM

I walked into a Panera Bread after being Gluten Free for about 6 months, I was only planning to have a coke and meet a friend there, I had to leave and we had to make a quick change in plans.  We ended up at a PI Wi near by.  My eyes watered, I felt almost like I could not breath.  It was awful.  I could not understand feeling that way just breathing it, but I did.  I got out of there fast.  I have not gone back since.  I have been in other restaurants where I know they are baking, but not a bakery.  Do not like the bakery in a grocery either, I avoid it.  I did not realise a problem before going gluten free.  Only that my eyes watered a lot and I had terrible allergies.  Well, I do not have terrible allergies anymore and my eyes do not water a lot.  There has to be some connection. 

In Topic: It Was Supposed To Be Over At Gluten Free! Help :(

23 May 2014 - 09:35 AM



You said "After 5 months gluten free, dairy free, grain free, sugar free, taking a hundred supplements a day and I'm WORSE than I was before I was even diagnosed.....something's gotta be wrong. SOmething else. " 


Are you really taking a hundred supplements a day.  Um...That could be a problem.  Why?  Does your Doctor approve of all the suppliments?  Have you checked for Interactions of all the Suppliments?



You can have your vitamin levels checked.

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