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Member Since 30 Sep 2012
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In Topic: Close To 2 Years Gluten Free And Still Bad Weeks?

07 July 2014 - 04:29 PM

sorry everyone, but yes it was an endoscopy not the colonoscopy.  I must have been in a brain fog!  All my vitamin levels are great!  I seem to be back on track this week, must have been a bad run!  I know if I am under some stress, it reflects in my stomach.  Thanks for the advice :rolleyes: 

In Topic: Unable To Gain Weight!

24 July 2013 - 08:46 AM

i tried 'boost plus' yesterday - too much soy, i think, for me.  i am down to 110 because i was on vacation and not eating properly, i'm sure!  i am going to try it again on a day that i didn't get all crazy eating cherries (one is good, one hundred not so good!)

No....lots of cherries can equal bathroom time :wacko:   I have done that before!   Sometimes if I drink it I do bloat, even sometimes after water I bloat! what a world!!!

In Topic: Unable To Gain Weight!

24 July 2013 - 08:38 AM

5' 9" 122 lbs. still looking for the weight gain magic solution. haven't found one yet.

I have noticed after keeping a food diary the past few days that I don't take in nearly enough calories to match what I should be to even maintain weight let alone gain.

have you tried keeping track of that?

You are probobly right about the calories!  I just sometimes find it a pain eating on the go or when I am out for the day....I have started Ensure plus calories.  You sound like you are having the same struggles like myself!

In Topic: Unable To Gain Weight!

11 July 2013 - 03:08 PM

Well your not alone. I am also 5'4" and would be happy if I could get back to 112lb. I seem to stuck at 105. I was up to almost 115 but then had a job that was not a good fit for me and lost 10lbs. Putting it back is hard.

One thing I have done in the past that worked for me (don't know how healthy it was) was eating Wylde pretzels. They are gluten and soy free and each bag had 900 or so calories, if I remember correctly. I would eat my regular meals but would open a bag in the morning and munch constantly on them over the whole day. With the extra almost 1000 calories a day I did gain a bit.

At this point I am trying to gain with more healthy alternatives. I got some chocolate hemp protein powder and try to make at least one shake a day with whole milk and 1/2 banana.  I make muffins with Pamela's mix, fruit and nuts and snack on those between meals. I try to make each meal as high calorie as I can by using lots of butter, whole milk, sauces etc.

I also try to exercise more to try and gain muscle. There are some places I would rather not see more fat on. LOL

Gaining weight can be very difficult for some people. I wish I had some more advice other than just the obvious get more calories.

Thanks Ravenwood glass, I did read recently to try Ensure plus calories, I looked it up and it is gluten free.  I may give that a shot in between meals.  Especially if I am out and a bar just wont cut it.  I have ate enough bars!  I am glad I am not alone.   I read your story and I am so sorry you suffered for so long.  How did they know your mom had celiac related  cancer? if you dont mind me asking........

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