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Member Since 30 Sep 2012
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#828763 Help! I Am Overwhelmed!

Posted by on 10 October 2012 - 10:09 AM

Well, after close to 25 years struggling with terrible stomach pains, diarrhea, bloating, heartburn, gas pains, fatigue, muscle aches, always feeling just “ok”, no energy, always looking for the closest washroom if out with friends or family, anxiety when I traveled, days with horrible headaches and nausea, diarrhea …... believe me the list goes on ….......... constantly going to my family doctor only to be told “reduce stress” or “more fiber” and yes “IBS” I knew I couldn't continue living and trying to function every day like this. People without stomach issues really have no idea how debilitating or stressful it can be, never knowing if you are going to be ok today or spend time in the washroom. I felt very alone and sick and tired of being sick and tired! And if I had to hear “more fiber" one more time I would scream! To make things worse, I was actually eating natural Quaker oats every morning, learning afterwards they were doing more harm than good! So much for my healthy breakfasts! After pushing my Doctor I found an amazing Gastrologist through my brothers girlfriend who has Crohn's disease for her whole life, I met him and he booked me in two weeks later for a colonoscopy/endoscopy and for the first time I believed I was not crazy and he cared. Even after years of seeing other specialists who told me I needed my gallbladder out, which I did, and still feeling horrible, weight loss and depression of why I can’t feel awesome! I am 38 years old now, and feeling very overwhelmed with this and going through lots of emotions dealing with this diagnosis. I am grateful for my wonderful husband and supportive family who sighs a relief that I have answers. I still need to meet with my family doctor for my blood work to see any deficiencies.......................I guess I am looking for friends in this forum to know I am not alone … 2 weeks Gluten free and starving!.......... any advice? thanks so much
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