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At A Loss; Constant Stomach Pain Continues

18 May 2014 - 01:38 AM

I have been Gluten free for about a year and a half now.  I went Gluten free, I did not get better, and went down to 108ibs.  Then I got a diagnosis of severe hayfever and now every time I eat I end up in major stomach pain.  The bloating is out of control.  I am also allergic to everything, including nearly all fruits and veggies.  It has gotten worse since I moved to AZ.


I managed to get my weight back up to 160ibs by drinking goat's milk and cranberry juice (yuck), the only 2 things that seem to help a little.  I am also suddenly anemic.  I don't feel like going back to a Celiac Doctor as every Celiac Doctor I have seen is an absolute joke.  It is a money making tagline now.  Anyone who is a doctor is also a Celiac Doctor, which makes it very difficult to find the real Celiac Doctors.


I can't eat any prepackaged foods at all, even if they are completely gluten free. They either cause SEVERE stomach pain or some other allergic reaction.  I am avoiding all allergens too but the stomach pain is so persistent.  


I have no clue how this happened.  I used to have no problems with gluten until I moved to AZ from IN.

Eating Out...recommendations?

21 February 2014 - 12:59 AM

Hey everyone.


I was wondering what everyone does for eating out?  I have Celiac Disease but I also have hayfever and it is hard to explain.  I usually have problems with the simplest of seasonings.  I don't even know at this point if it is possible to risk eating out.  I am still recovering from weighing 108ibs (now up to 160ibs thank goodness).


Any suggestions?  How do you handle this?


I am wondering if I should call around and speak to managers from various restaurants tomorrow.  I don't know how to explain this to them.  I have an incredibly specific diet at this time...And I don't know if I trust people with my food. 


Actually, I don't - lol



Chronic Gastritis...

01 November 2013 - 02:03 AM

My endosocopy revealed that I have a case of chronic gastritis.  Of course, the doctor that did this test ignored this, and really didn't inform me about it until later and I asked and did more homework about it.


I am noticing more stomach pain from this Gastritis and was wondering if anyone has dealt with it, or is dealing with it at this time?  I have seen gastritis diets and I've tried them all - and for extended periods of time - with absolutely no relief.


I also made a post about Tylenol and I am thinking about just trying it for the stomach pain and inflammation.  Any thoughts about Gastritis and treatments?


I am currently using L-Glutamine (amino acid) in powder form to encourage healing.  I am thinking about adding Green Tea, etc...

Any Opinions On Tylenol?

01 November 2013 - 01:53 AM

I've heard Tylenol is gluten-free but I'm having such problems beyond Celiac that I am a bit worried about taking it.  I have severe, chronic head pain from TMJ (dislocated jaw which is very difficult to fix).  I'm also having stomach pain from Gastritis as well.  I'm honestly thinking about just breaking down and taking it.  I am thankfully on no other medications as I have had very bad experiences with them.


Has Tylenol helped anyone with stomach pain or pain in general?  If not, what has?

Anemic, Chronic Pain, Tmj, Celiac Disease, And Severe Hayfever. Difficult Times...

26 October 2013 - 02:17 AM

I was initially diagnosed with Celiac Disease exactly a year ago.  My blood work came back a positive but my biopsies did not, but I am told I still have Celiac Disease but they aren't 100% positive.  I know I have it.


I also have severe, chronic case of TMJ which causes severe pain in my entire left head - including the eye, jaw, and neck.  And I can't take pain meds because they affect me far to greatly.  In fact, I feel like they were killing me.  So pain management options are limited now.  And I've already done nerve blocks which didn't work.


And now I am also anemic and I'm taking these rough iron pills.  I'm exhausted and I can't think at all.  My total iron saturation is around 13%.


I've also got a severe case of hayfever from moving from Indiana to Arizona and I'm going through weekly allergy shots, which thankfully are covered by disability (so it isn't pointless, thankfully).  I've already had a reaction in my stomach, as if someone was punching me in the gut or squeezing my insides.  I've already been to the ER for problems breathing and severe stomach pain, all an allergic reaction to this new environment.


I seriously don't know what to do.  I think of all the things I have yet to do just for my illnesses and I have to do more research for Oral Surgeons, TMJ Doctors, and Neuromuscular Dentists.  And honestly, I don't see the point.  The treatments are NOT covered by insurance at all, and I am on disability.  I have no idea why I even got the darn disability at this point.


I could get surgery for TMJ, but no one wants to do that it seems.  And again, the NMD's do not take insurance at all, and the average cost is a whopping $15,000-$30,000 (and that is being generous with the estimate!).


And don't get me started on my social options.  I am completely confined right now to my home due to the allergies.  It is terrible.  I can't go out to eat or watch a movie.  It's either the food options are limited or I'm in severe pain, or both.  I haven't been able to carry a quality, normal social life in a long, long time.  Thankfully, my brothers are my best friends.  So at least I have that.


And I'm thankful that my twin bro Ryan is finally at a damn good job.  He deserves as much and I'm thankful for helping him get there.   But I suppose I am so tired of being tired and being in so much pain, plus having to deal with the doctors, phone calls, and planning...constantly with my health.  My older brother Ricky doesn't give a crap about money, so Ryan and I are constantly paying his bills.  I am so tired of it.  I am the one that is sicker than crap.  And I've never discussed any of this with anyone, to be blunt.


At this point, I'm seriously at a loss.  I've lost so much time and friendships and opportunities due to illness and have come up with ways of coping like staying distracted with movies, marketing research, Facebook, studying...but I'm in too much pain and too tired to carry on.


Anyway, that's life.  How does everyone go about coping?  I try to think of one simple task at a time, but this anemia crap on top of everything else makes thinking very difficult.