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26 January 2013 - 09:56 PM

Hello people. I have heard colostrum can help heal the gut and can be used as a preventative measure prior to exercise. My questions are:

1. has anyone had good/bad experiences with using it?
2. does it contain the same components as regular milk that cause many people to abstain or reduce milk intake during early stages of gut healing? fwiw i am 5 months gluten-free and have found less gastric distress from reducing milk intake but don't want to use colostrum if it brings back those symptoms.


Long Term Use Of Topical Steroids To Control Dh

18 January 2013 - 11:00 AM

I understand the above work (and in my experience the one I use which is Elocon works well) by supressing immune function to inhibit DH when it flares up. Does this mean over time it can reduce white blood cell count? Mine has gone down since I started using it on a sporadic basis 2.5 years ago. Cheers.

Intense Exercise : Good Idea Or Not For Us Celiacs?

17 January 2013 - 05:45 AM

Hi there, diagnosed 4 months ago and been gluten-free ever since. Only ever had mild symptoms including DH. I've been fairly physically fit all my life but last 3 years I've cycled competitively. This has involved intense training and racing. Often >95% of max heart rate and up to 15hours a week of training. I feel absolutely fine and 2012 was my best year ever BUT I know from a bloodtest my white blood cell count is down (neutrophils) over this 3 year period from 5 to 3.7. My question is - is it perhaps time to call it day with this sort of level of regime and take a more modest approach?? Intense exercise does affect the immune system but whether this should stop me doing what I love is up for debate.

Dh As An Indicator Of Gluten Ingestion?

17 January 2013 - 05:32 AM

Same as the title really....can DH flare-ups be a signal that the body has recently taken in gluten, however small? As per here: http://en.wikipedia....s_herpetiformis

FWIW - I've had DH for a couple of years now and found that elocon seems to dampen it down quite well. I tend to use it very sparingly. Lately I'm experimenting with not using the elocon to see if it goes on it's own.

Blood Test - Good News And Bad News (I Think)

14 January 2013 - 01:09 PM

Ok, so had the positive Celiac diagnosis from a blood test around 4 months ago. I decided i needed a follow up blood test as want to see how I'm doing (possibly a bit early I know). My ferritin was low so was pleased to see that has responded to supplementation and I note B12 and folate are fine. Celiac antibodies are now negative. However, red blood cell count and white blood cell (neutrophils ONLY) counts were down quite a bit and are now jus outside the 'normal' statistical range. Cue the obligatory googling but although wbc reduction appears to be common in celiacs (assume more are used up trying to react to any ongoing inflammation although this should be reducing as am on the gluten-free diet) rbc reduction appears less common. 2 weeks before my blood test I *did* have what I think was a brief stomach virus. Any ideas?

FWIW the intestine pain I had has now largely gone altough I regularly get indigestion type dull ache just below the rib cage - feels better when I eat or take antacids. H pylori or peptic ulcer test?


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