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Member Since 02 Oct 2012
Offline Last Active Dec 03 2012 03:59 PM

Topics I've Started

Upcoming Holidays...

19 November 2012 - 08:06 PM

I made it through thanksgiving without having to worry about the gluten-free menu. (We went to my brothers and my SIL is also celiac). But I am hosting all my inlaws for Christmas...all of them. So I have been searching pinterest and allrecipies, looking for good gluten-free holiday dishes. I don't want to take the easy way out seeing I usually throw quite the little feast when it is my turn to host Christmas. Does anyone have any good tried and true recipes they'd like to share?

Looking For A Few gluten-free Alternatives

03 November 2012 - 07:13 PM

We have officially had our son completely gluten-free for a month now, and it is going well. However there are a few things I really truly do miss and can't find a gluten-free option for...
Condensed cream of chicken and cream of mush. soup, goldfish crackers, cheese and breadsticks (for school lunches), soup (soda) crackers.

Also those of you with children, can you recommend some 'kid approved' cereals. My poor boy is getting bored of rice crispies and he doesn't like chex (its a texture thing)

Pretty Sure I Glutenized (?) My Son...

12 October 2012 - 06:25 AM

I don't know where it would of come from, but I'm pretty sure I fed him gluten somewhere. Yesterday evening he was complaining his tummy hurt followed by nasty poops before bed. This morning, still pooping...

His food for the day:

Breakfast - leaping lemurs
Snack - oj, banana, gluten-free cookie
Lunch - sandwich made from homemade brown rice bread, gluten-free sandwich meat, cheese slice.
Snack - apples
Supper - gluten-free sausage, carrots, minute rice make with gluten-free chicken stock and gluten-free soya sauce

The only place I can think of is the bread I made (which was a flop btw, but he liked it so who am I to judge) or the minute rice. Crap!

Online Shopping..

09 October 2012 - 07:30 PM

Do any of you shop online for your none perishables? Seeing I don't have access to alot without going into the city, and when I do, the selection isn't very good and super expensive. I'm hoping I will be able to order different pastas, bread mix, etc online somewhere.

Question About My Son's Symptoms

07 October 2012 - 09:29 PM

A bit of a recap. Monday we got his results, Tuesday -did alot of gluten-free shopping and switching to gluten-free items. He has been 100% gluten-free Wednesday on (to my knowledge anyway). A little tmi (I'm sorry) but when I was wiping him (he just turned 4) he was all excited about his poop. He had what he called biggy poops instead of owie poops. It was a normal bowel movement where 9/10 his poops are nasty.

Yesterday he told me his 'tummy no hurt'. Another normal poop again yesterday too.

Today, after his bday party, he thanked me. I thought he was talking about the party, so I told that I was happy he had fun. 'no, thank you tummy no hurt'

Could all this be from the gluten? I've been in tears tonight. Just the thought of my baby being in pain for the past 4 years and us not cluing in breaks my heart. Keep in mind that cognitively he is behind (slowly catching up) and until this summer his speech was very poor. He has come a long way these past few months.

His bowels have always been an issue, but the Dr always chalked it up to his diet (he eats A LOT of fruits/veg.)

If it is gluten that has been the culprit, would he be feeling better this quickly, or just a coincidence?? I guess I'm just feeling a ton of mommy guilt. :(

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