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Member Since 03 Oct 2012
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And My Journey Continues...

13 January 2013 - 05:20 PM

Negative celiac blood work

Positive dietary response

Dec 26 ate at o'Charleys (gluten free menu), started with normal uh oh I had gluten response that progressed to anaphylactic shock and ER visit

Jan 11 food allergy testing. Not allergic to anything, but doctor is worried about Mast Cell disorder with wheat and/or gluten as the trigger (this disorder causes allergic reactions to triggers without having a true allergy) started on Zantac 300mg and Allegra 360mg a day. Dr feels I am safe to eat whatever.

Yesterday we ate out (cheeseburger with chili, no bun, FF). I felt a little of my gluten response. I mean just a little (could be the Zantac helping-even though its a tummy med, Techanically it's an antihistamine). About an hour later I started itching ALL over, came home and took the Allegra and within 30 minutes I was fine.

Today, I just took both meds in AM so that it is more in system during day. Wednesday I will start the 24hr urine test and drop it off Thursday am and have blood work done at that time. So my journey continues, but I'm still avoiding gluten/wheat since it is a trigger for something in my body.

gluten-free Bisquick

03 January 2013 - 04:41 PM

I got a good deal on two boxes of this. So on the pancakes, can I make some batter, cook and freeze for quick breakfast? Do you freeze like normal? How about the sausage balls? Any other ideas?

Pity Party

02 January 2013 - 02:31 PM

I broke down and had a pity party today. I'm sick with a cold thanks to body unable to fight it off due to the 60mg/day prednisone due to allergic reaction (poss. Wheat). On the way home from work, I just felt Soooo bad and wanted comfort food (I.e. kids cheeseburger meal-fast food). I cried, but didn't stop, came home and took a nap. Today was just so hard, then DH is nice enough to tell me he got him something from there. Uggh men!

Help, Again. Please

26 December 2012 - 04:34 PM

Ok I ate at O'Charleys for lunch. Salad (lettuce & cheese only) with ranch (listed as gluten free) and Loaded potato soup (listed as gluten free). Got a second bowl of soup, ate a few bites and started filling my normal gluten sick (11:30 am-neasua, pain, "D" feeling, just not having). I took a zofran, BC (always get body aches, stabbing abdominal pain soon after) and continued shopping. Fast forward to 1:30ish, palms were red, itching and burning; I was so sick to stomach, "D" feeling bad but not started, could barely stand straight due to abdominal pain. Thank God my mom with me, told her we had to leave store (had been to bathroom twice, but no "D"). I made it to sidewalk but just sitting down, while she got my car. Headed home, had to stop to get benedryl due to clawing palms and soles of feet time 1:50 when I took 50mg. Had "D" accident on way home :(. Got home 2:10, shower taken. By 2:30, severe chest tightness, felt like a bear hug from a giant who wouldn't let go, rash head to toe, fire truck red skin head to toe. Epi-pen shot and off to ER. At ER, bag of IV fluid, shot thru IV, prednisone, atarax, Pepcid. More "D" and threw up what was left in my tummy. Now I still have quesy tummy and "D" and get to look forward to 60mg prednisone a day for next 5 days.

So after my wonderful day of shopping with my mom, do you think gluten allergy instead of intolerance or some of both. Gotta follow up with primary (the one who said couldn't have wheat/gluten issues without constant "D")

Help, How Long Does "d" Last?

17 December 2012 - 07:41 PM

I think I had something with gluten in it at lunch today--started feeling sick to my stomach within an hour and D started at about two hrs, still have it 9hrs later. Reason I ask, is my normal reaction is sick to stomach and feel like going to have D but its actually C. I also started antibotic about 4hrs after lunch and I've had c-diff before. So now I'm confused as to cause.

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