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Member Since 06 Oct 2012
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#827911 "it's All In Your Head!"

Posted by on 06 October 2012 - 03:43 PM

It took 7 years before I was diagnosed with Endometriosis. I even had an Indian doctor, who was filling in at the time, tell me that the pain I had was because I had experienced pre-marital sex. I should go to Jesus for forgiveness and I would be healed. This was a leading clinic in Atlanta, Georgia! I was raised in the church. No amount of prayer stopped the progression of pain I have experienced through the years.

I went to Dr's for years until finally my family Dr. told my OBGYN to schedule an exploritory surgery, or HE would. I was in the next Monday. They found the problem.

After 5 years of being married and complaining about such terrible pain during menstruation and other problems, my husband never believed me really. In a panic and in more pain than I could stand anymore, I drove myself to the emergency room, crunched over the wheel the whole way. They sent me home with a valium. Finally, several months later an OBGYN did a surgery. He discovered that my bladder, colon, right ovary, stomach, uterus, and gall bladder were all bound together by adhesions (thick scar tissue)and my colon was almost completey constricted. Every time I had my menstrual cycle EVERYTHING burned and pulled because of this. Only then was my husband a bit understanding when he found out what was really going on. On top of this, Endometriosis.

I am just discovering the links to gluten. I have discovered how good I can feel without gluten and they are testing me for this. Along with pains of all kinds in my body, arthritis pain, extreme exhaustion, swelling, constant bowel problems, infertility, and a lot of endo pains, what amazes me most of all; I still go to work every single day and work my butt off. It sucks, but I do it. What sucks even more is the silent suffer. No one even really knows or can even comprehend how much pain you actually have to put up with, how much you really have to do in order to function. But you do it. You just do.
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